Wearable Tech is Here to Stay with a Robust Presence in the Future Healthcare Industry

wearable technology healthcare

The wearable technology industry has faced much skepticism. While it hasn’t been a success story so far, the experts expect a boom in the future wearable market. The growth will be in the high tech medical products such as smart patches, smart pills, and other forms of treatments for people with chronic diseases.

The future of wearable tech will see a partnership of industry giants to produce stylish gadgets which are concealed and which can furnish boundless solutions.

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In the healthcare field, wearable technology is being used to manufacture activity tracking devices, pacemakers, and hearing aids. Also, tools which ensure effective investigation of important facts such as heart rate, calories burned, blood pressure, and sugar content are being developed by wearable app makers. In the near future, we should see advancements which completely eliminate the need for bulky files for each patient. All the important information would be made available on the wearable application platform easily.

We at Wearable Technologies strongly disagree with those who paint a gloomy picture of the wearable market.

Last two decades have seen an unprecedented increase in the wearable technology usage. U.S. adults used nearly 77 million wearable devices in 2017, according to an estimate.

Sales of wearable technology are expected to surge in the coming years, with the market set to reach $150 billion by 2027, according to market research and business intelligence firm IDTechEX. The research firm found that consumers pointed to healthier eating, smarter exercising and easier access to healthcare among the perks of wearable technology.

Growth of wearables in the healthcare field, and the necessity for more data about the current and future health of persons and patients are the key elements spurring the market. Future wearables focus on embedding of wearables in clothing, skin patches, and electronic skins.

wearable technology healthcare

Wearable technology is moving beyond user-grade health and fitness devices like the heart rate trackers and daily step counters.

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The next generation of Apple Watches will reportedly feature glucose monitoring for people with diabetes.

MC10 has created wearable patches for ECG recording and cardiac monitoring. It has collaborated with L’Oreal to design the first-ever skin sensor that detects UVA and UVB exposure.

The wearables industry is constantly changing and continuously evolving. The future of wearables will have many different faces.

If you are a wearable app company, you’ll keep on enjoying immense patronage as long as you adhere to recent trends and innovations.

Wearable technology gives us an alluring field to study. Measuring has never been so small that it could be worn comfortably on the body and around the clock, providing opportunities for medical breakthroughs. We’re moving closer to making potential products that are useful and desirable for people. Current statistics and market research present us with a bright picture for the wearable industry. As wearables and their applications continue to multiply, we can boldly say wearables are here to stay.

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