Wearables For the Passionate Athletes and Smart Lifestyle Devices

Wearables for athletes wtus18

Are you a passionate sports person who’s searching for wearables to help you perform better? Or are you looking for cool lifestyle gadgets who can make your life easier and / or more beautiful in a smart way? If you are, then browse through the companies listed below. They are going to exhibit at our WT | Wearable Technologies Conference in San Francisco on July 11-12 – do not miss the chance to meet them in person and join us for #WTUS18!

AiQ, regarded as a pioneer in the smart clothing industry, started its journey with the Innovation Group within KingsMetal Fiber, a leader in stainless steel fiber based woven fabric for specialty glass applications. AiQ’s philosophy in smart clothing is “Smart Inside Out,” which is reflected in the seamless integration of technology and apparel in its smart clothes. Products offered by the company are: Bioman+: a base upper body garment solution for a wide range of smart clothing solutions; AiQ Motion: Functioning as a second skin, AiQ Motion is capable of detecting the physiological data, environmental data such as ambient temperature, location data and data around human motion; RFID Laundry Tags: It enables leading RFID module vendors to combine AiQ’s conductive fiber based high performance antenna with their RFID modules; and Textile cables.

Wearables for athletes wtus18

Firstbeat is the leading provider of physiological analytics for sports and well-being. Firstbeat transforms heartbeat data into personalized insights on stress, exercise and sleep. The feedback helps you to perform better, make the correct training and coaching decisions, and to improve health and wellbeing. Firstbeat powers a number of heart rate monitoring devices such as those of Garmin, Suunto and Samsung.

The ProtXX head injury prevention and management system helps to proactively limit cumulative head impact exposure. Wearable sensors should not be treated as testing tools that diagnose symptom severity after a concussion has already occurred, or the problematic concussion sensors in helmets and mouth guards, the dual-function ProtXX head-mounted sensor provides real-time data in a form factor suitable for athletes in any sport. The ProtXX mobile app, in combination with a powerful analytics engine, allows athletes on the field to implement more comprehensive remove-from-play and return-to-play protocols, significantly lowering the risks of neurological an orthopedic damage, and at the same time enhance recovery from injuries.

Valencell is a biometric technology company that develops a biometric sensor for wearables and hearables. Valencell’s sensors allow these devices to continuously measure biometrics such as heart rate and blood pressure for health and fitness assessment. The company’s biometric sensor technology is the only continuous heart rate monitoring technology independently proven accurate during any exercise and in effectively in any environment. Consumer electronics, wearables and medical device companies all over the world use Valencell’s heart rate sensor technology and expertise in their products. Companies using Valencell’s sensors are: Bose, Suunto, Samsung, LG, Sony, and Jabra.

LIBER8 Technology believes in a future where new products are created at the borderline of seemingly unrelated industries. A future where design-forward thinking, aesthetics and customer experience are the focus. With that in mind, the company has created tago arc, the world’s first wearable jewelry- a premium high-fashion & high-tech bracelet with endless possibilities. It is a durable premium quality accessory that always matches the wearer’s mood and attire. It is lightweight and fashionable. The ultra-thin, flexible E-link and the smartphone app allow you to continuously change the displayed design on it to always match your mood and outfit. According to Gizmodo, “In the era of smartwatches and fitness bands, the Arc promises to be a simple fashion accessory with no fancy sensors to track your health vitals or offer notification alerts.”

Tap is a wearable input device that lets your fingers control and communicate with the digital world. As you tap your fingers or move your thumb, characters and commands are sent to any Bluetooth device–your phone, laptop, tablet, Smart TV, desktop computer and more. You can mouse your way through, and tap in corrections, messages and more with just one hand and any surface. Physical connection to the device is no longer required, and neither is being able to see or feel a keyboard. According to the company, Tap is the embodiment of a next-generation lifestyle.

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