Werum Announces Strategic Partnership with Nymi to Authenticate Pharmaceutical Employees

werum partnership nymi authentication

Werum IT Solutions, supplier of manufacturing IT solutions and manufacturing execution systems (MES) for the pharmaceutical industries, has announced strategic partnership with Nymi, a company that offers biometric authentication solutions.

The companies said they will work together to develop solutions for the smart authentication of employees on the pharmaceutical shop floor, which they say is vital for ensuring data integrity and boosting efficiency in pharmaceutical drugs and biotech production.

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“Together with our customers and partners, we evaluate new technologies for operating concepts on the shop floor of the future,” says Christiane Dickel, Product Manager at Werum IT Solutions. “The use of an innovative wearable for authentication has proven to be very promising. We are looking forward to working with Nymi and are confident that our new joint solutions will add significant value to customers in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.”

werum partnership nymi authentication

Nymi was founded in 2011 in Toronto, Canada, based on research conducted at the University of Toronto. The research was focused on the electrocardiogram (ECG) and its unique properties. As ECG is different for each individual, the research team worked to use the heartbeat as a biometric identifier for authentication.

The Nymi Band is a wearable that provides multi-factor biometric authentication to shop floor workers to help them perform day-to-day authentication tasks, such as digital signatures within an MES. Once the device is setup, all the user needs to do is wear it and it starts authenticating as long as it remains on the user’s wrist. The sensors provide an extra layer of security by reading the wearer’s electrocardiogram which confirms that the person wearing the Nymi Band and placing their finger on the sensor is indeed the authorized person.

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Werum, the Lüneburg, Germany-based company said it intends to integrate this authentication solution into its PAS-X MES to be used by existing systems as well as new customers.

“We are excited to be bringing our wearable authentication solutions to the life sciences industry with the market leader, Werum IT Solutions. As manufacturing becomes increasingly digital, we believe the value of continuous authentication will play a critical role to increase data integrity, but also maximize productivity, providing a substantial leap forward for manufacturing IT,” says Shawn Chance, VP Strategy at Nymi.

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