Innovative Swings Hearables For Fashionable Music Lovers

Swings earrings earbuds

Earbuds have been a royal pain for a lot of people since their inception in 1891. The biggest problems with earbuds are the way they are designed. Although they may say, “one size fits all,” some won’t fit in your ear and those that fit tend to fall off! While a large minority of people have decided to keep mum about the subject, things are changing and designers with creative minds are coming up with novel designs for these ubiquitous listening aids. Scandi Electronics has come up with such earbuds, and instead of calling them earbuds, they’re referring to them as earrings. Dubbed “Swings Bluetooth Earrings,” these earrings actually double-up as earbuds.

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“We’re engaging with technology all day, every day. At Scandi, we asked ourselves a question ‘yea, this technology is great and all, but why are these things so ugly? Are these things supposed to be cute?’ That’s why we created ‘Swings,’ the patent-pending Bluetooth earrings,” says Melissa Eldridge, founder, Scandi Electronics.

With varying colors and concepts, Swings proof that amazing sound and beautiful design can co-exist. Created for pierced ears, Swings technology seamlessly merges function with fashion. Swings are designed to be feature-rich, lightweight and stylish. They’re also discreet. A four-hour batter life allows you to listen anywhere and anytime.

Swings earrings earbuds

“After years of struggling to keep my own earbuds in, I knew there was an opportunity to make a better product. Swings are simple to wear, provide stability and combine function with fashion,” says Eldridge.

Use Swings as earrings and when you feel like listening to music, just “swing” them into your ear. Swing’s smart technology when the bud is placed securely in your ear and automatically starts playing your music.

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Swings are shockproof and sweatproof, allowing you to wear them during heavy duty workouts. Comfort cap back allows you to use them in bedtime. Listen to your favorite relaxing music just before going to bed. Swings will automatically turn off when you do.

With advanced audio technology, Swings is comfortable and provides stability when in use and can be easily paired with an iPhone, Mac, iPad and Android. Each earpiece has its own mic and noise cancellation technology including touch sensors/motion accelerometers, and hypoallergenic, nickel-free stainless steel posts.

The wearable art comes with a 24-hour battery life case, similar to Apple’s AirPods. It supports voice assistance services like Alexa, Siri and Google. The lightweight earrings are available in several color combinations, including gold, silver or rose gold. Also, it’s worth noting that Swings Swarovski Crystals are available in gold, silver or rose gold for $349.

Starting from an early bird price of $129.00, you will get one pair of earrings, charging case, comfort cap backs and four ear tips. You also get one-year warranty.

The company wants to start shipping in April, 2019 if it receives enough backing.

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