Jenax Will Exhibit World’s First Truly Flexible Battery at Wearable Technologies 2018 San Francisco

A vital part of wearables, especially in the healthcare space, are batteries. Flexible, durable and innovative design of batteries can provide the wearable a sleek, fashionable look. Jenax, the high-tech power company, will exhibit its J.Flex, the world’s first truly flexible battery, at the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference to be held in Moscone Center from July 11th to 12th. With the development of J.Flex, Jenax has brought a significant advancement in the battery industry while expanding its applications in various areas.

The J. Flex can be customized to any size and shape to improve creative design of the product, all the while maintaining a high degree of safety. It can be used in wearables, IoT, sensors, printed electronics, and numerous other devices.

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The thin and customizable flexible battery will help make devices keep their style while maintaining superior battery capacity. The innovative structure of J.Flex delivers high stability under conditions where it requires bending and maintains resistance to overheating.

“As new devices are introduced, designers and manufacturers need better ways to power those devices,” said Lee-Hyun Shin, Jenax CEO. “The J.Flex liberates designers from constraints of the traditional batteries by using power more efficiently. Previously devices were limited by the conventional power sources, but the J.Flex is poised to power the wearable market with advanced battery technology for years to come and open the market to new innovations.”

JFlex by Jenax at WTUS18

The J.Flex can be so thin (0.5 mm) that it can be used in products such as cards, bandages, printed electronics etc. It can also be accommodated in bigger wearables by adjusting its size. Polymer electrolyte used in J.Flex increases its safety. J.Flex has passed international safety standards including electrical, environmental, and mechanical abuse tests.

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Recognizing Jenax’s technology innovation serving the needs of industries such as flexible healthcare wearables, the Frost & Sullivan Asia-Pacific Secondary Battery Technology Innovation Award was accorded to Jenax in 2018.

About Jenax

Jenax’s disruptive innovation has presented the wearable market with the world’s first-ever truly flexible battery, the J.Flex. The J.Flex revolutionizes the way we power our electronics, offering flexibility, durability and safety in one simple, sleek form. From smart watches and sensors to household appliances, J.Flex’s unique stretchable capability allows it to bend to any degree to meet the product’s needs. Jenax also manufactures a wide range of other conductive materials that are used in industrial applications, textiles, and specialized wires. Founded in 1991, Jenax is a Christian company based in Busan, South Korea, and is committed to ethical and environmental responsibilities. To learn more, please visit

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