Pain Management and Addiction Prevention Platform WellBrain Acquires Mevoked

WellBrain Acquires Mevoked

WellBrain, a Bay Area addiction prevention and chronic pain management platform that is helping fight the opioid epidemic, has announced that they’ve expanded their toolset through the acquisition of Mevoked, a behavioral analytics platform that offers a digital program for management of perinatal and postpartum mental health conditions.

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Arun Ravi, CEO and Co-Founder of Mevoked is excited about the acquisition. “WellBrain offers us the best opportunity to accelerate the technology development and applicability in a very demanding space. I look forward to seeing what WellBrain will do with Mevoked’s patent-pending technology and being a part of that vision!” he said.

WellBrain’s mindful meditation gets its inspiration from the meditation practices of Tibetian monks. The platform aims to prevent painkiller addiction by helping providers assess any mental illnesses or conditions that could lead to addiction down the line. The software can then be used, based on the assessment, to assign patients a customized pain management program. Patients use physician-provided iPad and single lead EEG headset to interact with the platform. Meanwhile, the physician can view data collected during sessions for additional insights, reports MobiHealthNews.

The acquisition allows WellBrain to expand its reach as one of the largest clinically-validated, digital chronic pain management and addiction prevention tools and help more than 30,000 patients across 18 states each monthly.

“We have about 30,000 patients across the country, in 18 states, using it, and as we get more patient data we’re learning a lot about what will work for each type of patient,” Dr. Ruben Kalra, cofounder and chief medical officer of WellBrain, told MobiHealthNews. “We’re able to optimize the program using machine learning, and eventually artificial intelligence, to help create the best program to help patients manage pain and try to avoid opiates.”

WellBrain Acquires Mevoked

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The company’s software collects day-to-day data to give doctors a clearer look at digital habits of people that may correspond to depression or anxiety. At the same time, these data are used by the platform to deliver reminders or behavioral suggestions to patients that serve as mental health interventions.

About WellBrain

WellBrain, founded by a team of Harvard, Stanford, and Mayo Clinic trained physicians with over 50 years of clinical expertise in conjunction with a Y-Combinator alum and a MIT meditation neuroscientist, is a real-time cognitive assessment & treatment tool enabling medical doctors to use non-opiate modalities in analyzing and treating their patients. The company represents a paradigm shift in the assessment and treatment of patients with chronic pain and anxiety.

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