Wearables for Physical Activity and Rehab

Wearables physical rehab

The increasing popularity of wearable physical activity monitors (WPAMs), better known as fitness trackers, has enabled the integration of technology into physical activity intervention and evaluation. However, according to a study published in the journal BioMedical Engineering OnLine, wearable technology is not only for sports and fashion enthusiasts, it can also be helpful in monitoring and aiding clinical rehabilitation. At our WT | Wearable Technologies Conference Asia 2018 in Singapore August 30-31, we will highlight great thought leaders and innovators from all over the globe. While these innovators will be speaking at the conference, the companies themselves will showcase their breakthrough innovations. The companies and their leaders speaking at the conference are listed below. Do not miss the chance to meet and listen to them in person and join us for #WTASIA18!

Vancive Medical Technologies is a medical tech company with more than 40 years of expertise in material science and adhesive technology for medical applications using pressure sensitive adhesives. Calling on the resources and expertise of their parent company Avery Dennison, Vancive offers innovative solutions for medical device OEMs and converters. The company’s applications and technologies are an integral part of products that are in daily use in medical facilities around the world. Through long-term relationships with original equipment manufacturers, industry-specific converters and leading universities, Vancive continually finds new ways to develop products that can improve patient care. Vancive Medical offers a large portfolio of pressure sensitive adhesive products including single-coated, double-coated, self-wound, drape and transfer tapes for a variety of medical applications including surgical, ostomy, diagnostics, patient monitoring, wound care, and medical wearables. Vancive also supports customers in materials selection and specification, product design, biocompatibility and stability testing, rapid prototyping, contract manufacturing, and private label production.

Deepak Prakash, Senior Director of Global Marketing at Vancive, will be speaking at our WT | Wearable Technologies Conference Asia 2018 in Singapore. Mr. Prakash will discuss the topic “Art of Wearability: Design, Materials and Form Factor.”

PUSH is a team of leading sport scientists and engineers working in close collaboration with the best coaches across many sports to make performance monitoring and analysis more accessible than it’s ever been. PUSH Band 2.0 can be attached to the Bar so athletes can jump onto the rack without having to take their Bands on and off. Optimize workflows and track from the bar or body at any time. The latest Push-designed Algorithm Core powers the most complex innovations in Band 2.0. Like real-time analysis of movement mechanics. Computed Metrics streaming that’s even faster than real time. On-chip sensor fusion of both orientation and acceleration data. Advanced Impact Cancellation so Band 2.0 can withstand the highest of landing impacts. So you get reliable power and bar speed data without even thinking about it. The startup’s new product Nexus is designed to revolutionize functional fitness training and fitness tracking system. NEXUS’ mission is to evolve and apply science to empower and inspire athletes to surpass their own expectations. Providing users with a virtual representation of their gym, NEXUS is the connection between community, technology and personal improvement.

PUSH CEO Rami Alhamad will be speaking at our WT | Wearable Technologies Conference Asia 2018 in Singapore. Mr. Prakash will discuss the topic “Art of Wearability: Design, Materials and Form Factor.” Mr. Alhamad will talk about NEXUS: A.

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