Apple Stores Now Selling Spire Washable Fitness Wearable That Sticks to Your Clothes

Apple spire tags
Image: Spire

Apple stores are now selling Spire’s Health Tags, the tiny washable devices that sticks to your clothes to gather your health data. The tiny, gray devices are thin enough to fit on the inside of most clothing items, like bras, underwear, pants or pajamas, and continuously collect vitals on your health such as steps, heartbeat and stress levels. These tiny devices are meant to be activity trackers that you can forget about, once you clip them to your clothes and then not worry about them again.

Spire, the company that was speaking at the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2018 USA in San Francisco, was founded in 2015 with its first product the Stone.

An accompanying iOS app translates the accumulated data from the tracker to inform you of daily activity and sleep quality, stress levels, breathing and more. Like the company’s first product, the Stone, which earned more than $8 million in sales, according to the company, the Health Tags identify moments of tension by tracking breath patterns. Users are informed of increased stress levels and provided with breathing exercises to reduce tension.

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Apple spire tags
Image: Spire

“Continuous health data will revolutionize health and wellness globally, but early incarnations have been hampered by poor user experiences and a focus on the hardware over the outcomes that the hardware can create,” Spire founder Jonathan Palley told TechCrunch. “By making the device disappear’, we believe Health Tag is the first product to unlock the potential.”

The tags are applied to clothes with an adhesive that sets over time, meaning they effectively become part of the clothe. The tags are hypoallergenic, washer and dryer safe, and include a battery that lasts a year and half.

The company’s first product, the Stone was launched in 2015.

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Apple is selling Health Tags in packs of three, six or eight for $130, $230 and $300, respectively. These can also be bought directly via Spire’s website, with a single tracker for $50 and packs of three and eight sold at the same prices offered by Apple. Through the company’s current promotion, you can get a $100 discount when you buy an 8-pack, or $30 discount on a 3-pack, but you have to buy those with a $10 per month Spire+ membership. Through the membership you get free replacement on Health Tags when batteries run out, 50 % off additional Health Tags at $25 each and personalized health reports.

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