Avnet Collaborates with Not Impossible Labs to Develop Products that Enhance Accessibility and Inclusivity

Avnet Not Impossible labs
Thinky-I-Nator, the Innovation Safety Helmet by Avnet (Image: Avnet)

Avnet, one of the world’s largest distributors of electronic components and embedded solutions, has collaborated with Not Impossible Labs, an award-winning R&D lab and content studio, to enhance the quality of life for people who lack access and opportunity.

The new collaboration will leverage Avnet’s product development ecosystem to bring Not Impossible Labs’ visionary technologies to mass market.

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Using Avnet’s product development expertise, in combination with Not Impossible’s mission to provide greater access to life-changing technologies, the two companies are creating products to improve the quality of life for people who lack access and opportunity, or who suffer from some of the world’s most pervasive and challenging health conditions, while increasing opportunities for inclusivity.

In this multi-year agreement, the first product to be used is Not Impossible Labs’ Vibrotextiles™, a category of vibratory wearables that benefits industries such as health and wellness, entertainment, safety and communication.

VibroHealth. It is a wearable technology that uses vibrations to improve quality of life for people affected by motor-related issues, so they may return to some of the activities they enjoy most.

Music. Not Impossible Labs uses sophisticated vibration technology to create a more improved and inclusive live music experience for the deaf, allowing everyone, regardless of their hearing level, to enjoy an amazing multisensory experience.

Avnet Not Impossible labs
Not Impossible Labs is working on a piece of technology to help people with Parkinson’s disease improve their quality of life (Image: Not Impossible Labs)

“I’m truly inspired by the business that Not Impossible Labs has built based on its ‘help one to help many’ philosophy, and now with Avnet as its partner, its products will be accessible to even more people in need,” said Bill Amelio, Chief Executive Officer, Avnet. “Avnet’s unique technology development ecosystem gives companies like Not Impossible Labs access to our expertise and resources so it can bring its important innovations to market easier, faster and more cost-efficiently, with one single technology solutions partner to guide R&D and the go-to-market process. We are confident that this collaboration will succeed—not just in delivering products to market, but in truly transforming people’s lives.”

This partnership takes the two companies to the next stage of their collaboration. This marks the second year of Avnet’s being the title sponsor of the Not Impossible Awards. In addition, Avnet supported the first season of Not Impossible podcast series that explores true stories of technologies that allows amputees to “feel” via advancements in prosthetic limbs and the “Eyewriter,” which Not Impossible developed to enable a paralyzed artist to create again.

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“Avnet’s ongoing support has brought Not Impossible Labs’ work to the next level, whether through event and project sponsorships, or by rolling up its sleeves and facilitating product development, logistics and supply chain management,” said Mick Ebeling, founder & CEO of Not Impossible Labs. “This partnership allows us to focus on Not Impossible Labs’ highest and best purpose: inventing solutions to the world’s ‘absurdities’ with confidence that our creations won’t languish on a back-office shelf – Avnet will help bring our dreams to ‘Help Many’ to life.”

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