Gokhale Method Announces New Gokhale SpineTracker with Wireless Charging Capability

Gokhale SpineTracker
Image: Gokhale Method

The Gokhale Method, a Palo Alto, CA-based health and wellness company, announced the launch of its new SpineTracker™, a wearable device that can be charged wirelessly. The Gokhale spine tracker is a set of 5 small pod sensors that attach to your spine via stickers and allow you to see your spine’s shape and movement via a mobile app in real-time.

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This new wearable device improves one’s understanding of the concepts and techniques presented in the Gokhale Method, a practice created by Esther Gokhale that teaches people healthy posture for a pain-free life. SpineTracker provides the student greater autonomy in judging their posture against their personal ideals, and measuring their progress in class.

“Our mission at the Gokhale Method is to make back pain rare. To this end, we combine the power of our SpineTracker wearable device with the education and training of our instructors to help our students achieve healthy posture targets for their own unique lifestyle,” said Esther Gokhale, founder of the Gokhale Method. “The SpineTracker is used by our instructors across the nation to assess each student and help them live pain-free lives.”

Through the additional features in the Gokhale Method, students can upload data to their profiles on the website and track their progress in real-time spine simulation.

The new version of the SpineTracker features wireless charging technology by Energous Corporation, a company that was speaking and exhibiting at our WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2018 USA in San Francisco.

Energous Corporation’s WattUp wireless charging technology, which enables simultaneous charging for all five sensors when placed on the included charging pad.

Gokhale SpineTracker
Image: Gokhale Method

A study was conducted to analyze the accuracy of the Gokhale SpineTracker sensors and the accuracy of the spine curve. The researchers concluded by saying:

“We conclude, that SpineTracker is capable of capturing the spinal curvature for static poses accurately and provides valuable feedback to the user.”

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The 5 Benefits of Using SpineTracker are:

It gives you 20/20 view of the shape of your spine, and a quantifiable ideal to aim for

Enables a visceral feel for the basics of your spine, to ground you in the parts that need care

Allows you to drill and practice, and get immediate feedback even when your teacher isn’t actively guiding you

Helps you locate muscle groups and engrain healthy positions more quickly

Reinforces the lessons through visual-kinesthetic comprehension and progress tracking throughout the course

About The Gokhale Method

The Gokhale method uses healthy posture and movement to help people restore structural integrity and regain a pain-free life. Its unique full-body and multi-pronged approach address the root cause of most muscle and joint pain to reduce and/or eliminate back pain, neck pain and other muscle or joint pain, prevent muscle injury, increase energy, stamina and flexibility, reduce stress, and improve appearance.

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