NBA Loves KINEXON, It’s Now the League’s Most Used Wearable Tech


When KINEXON, the German technology company specialized in sports tech entered NBA market with Philadelphia 76ers, it was considered an outsider. Now, after two years, it has become the NBA’s most used wearable technology provider. According to the NBA, 14 of the league’s 30 teams use KINEXON.

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KINEXON shapes the digitization of sports. As technology pioneer the company delivers a cutting-edge solution that offers next generation sports content – fully automated and in real-time. Their solution enables clubs and athletes to reach the next level and to stay ahead of the competition. Fans and broadcasters can benefit from unprecedented insights and a new fascinating experience.

KINEXON’s iBall has a built-in Kinexon chip inside that tracks the movement and speed of the ball, and distributes data in real-time. The players wear KINEXON sensor-embedded jerseys, and their practice session or game is monitored by the coach in real-time.

During the two-day long MIT SLOAN Sports Analytics Conference, KINEXON demonstrated that it is essential to have accurate and reliable data in order to conduct sound tactical analyses. The live demonstration of the system really caught attention of many. Its centimeter-accurate positioning, real-time tracking and system that works indoors amazed many attendants. On NBA representative commented:

“This system is amazing. I have never seen a tracking tool measuring data as accurate as Kinexon’s system does.”


St. John’s University Men’s and Women’s basketball programs use KINEXON analytics for practices and games. By using KINEXON, coaches had these primary goals before season:

  • Monitor player load during practice to better prepare for games
  • Measure practice and game data to ensure proper training protocols are created for the duration of an NCAA Division season
  • Enhance injury prevention through effective load monitoring
  • Create better return-to-play protocols through transparent performance progress
  • Quantify players’ efforts through data and given evidence-based recommendations to coaching staff

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Founded in 2012, KINEXON provides real-time intelligence and value for a connected world. The company is focused on the development of precision localization and motion sensing solutions. Their portfolio includes two core elements: A sensor network technology for centimeter-accurate positioning and motions sensing. The company has received a number of awards for its innovative solutions. KINEXON is managed by the co-founders Dr. Alexander Hüttenbrink and Dr. Oliver Trinchera, both former scientists of Technische Universität München. It is privately held and headquartered in Munich, Germany.

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