Cicor Takes Important Measures for Strengthening Global Competitiveness

Cicor group global competitiveness

Cicor, a Boudry, Switzerland-based leading innovative technology company and manufacturer of printed circuit boards, microelectronics and Electronic Manufacturing Services, announced important measures for strengthening global competitiveness of the Cicor Group.

Cicor announced two strategic measures aimed at promoting new technologies and sustainable economic development.

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In the first quarter of 2019, the Cicor Group will open a technology center for printed electronics at the Bronschhofen site in Switzerland and will invest around CHF 1.5 million in further expansion over the next two years. Within the technology center, a team of application engineers will take care of application development, said Cicor Group.

The unique printing technology will allow the company to print a wide range of conductive, non-conductive and biocompatible materials on a wide range of substrates and forms. Additionally, there are new technologies that can lead to performance improvements and cost optimization.

The new technology center for printed electronics in Bronschhofen site will allow Cicor to underline its ambition to become the technology leader and its claim to be able to offer customers new, innovative solutions in addition to proven technologies.

Cicor group global competitiveness

Cicor also announced that at the beginning of 2019, the company’s plastic injection molding activities in Singapore will be merged with the molding activities in Batam, Indonesia. The consolidation of the molding activities at the Batam site means a further simplification of the operational structures, an expansion of its service portfolio and additional efficiency gains through economies of scale.

In addition to providing a solid starting point for mastering future challenges in the technically demanding plastic injection molding business, the consolidation will also allow the Batam production site to be upgraded to “best-in-class” production for high-precision components including coating. Batam already produces various components and in particular sterile medical products under clean room conditions.

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The company’s competence center for the construction of complex tools and molds for the processing of thermoplastics will remain in Singapore. The buying of a new die-sinking EDM machine in the summer of 2018 allowed Cicor to further enhance the manufacturing capabilities of the competence center in terms of workpiece precision, surface quality, cutting speed and process reliability.

Cicor’s experienced designers and qualified polymechanics in tooling and plastics technologies will continue to benefit its customers from a central location in Singapore.

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