New Startup Medical Ledger Offers Health Data Privacy with Blockchain-Powered EHR

Medical Ledger EHR
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EHR, or Electronic Health Record is crucial for digitized healthcare system. EHR can both improve patient care and increase efficiency in healthcare. However, many national healthcare systems still do not have a system that can benefit from wide consensus. As digital systems can never attain perfect safety and security, a solution to this problem should entail making unauthorized access as difficult as possible with tamper-proof and auditable incident protocols. Medical Ledger, currently under development by the Australian-German start-up of the same name, is such a solution. The company will present for the first time at WT | Wearable Technologies Show 2018 MEDICA at Dusseldorf, the world’s largest medical technology fair, from November 12 to 15 (Hall 15, Booth A23).

Aside from secure storage and reliable access to health data, Medical Ledger will allow patients to provide their anonymized health data to institutional and industrial researchers on a secure and privacy-preserving marketplace and to profit financially from the inherent value of these data.

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A 2016 study conducted by Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland found that legal and illegal trade with health data is already taking place in many contexts, and that it is a logical consequence and long over-due, that data owners should be able to partake in these profits. Medical Ledger will make it possible with its secure marketplace under strict safeguarding of data owners’ privacy.

Medical Ledger EHR
Image: Creative commons

Medical Ledger’s ecosystem is based on a combination of the Hyperledger blockchain framework, built by the Hyperledger Consortium with Ethereum. The Hyperledger Consortium aims to bring blockchain technology into productive use in various industries, such as healthcare. Leading members are IBM and the Linux Foundation; other notable members range from Accenture to SAP and from Deutsche Bank to Intel.

Ethereum, the second building block of the Medical Ledger ecosystem is a public blockchain technology with the longest track record after Bitcoin. In Medical Ledger, Ethereum is the basis for the ERC-20-compatible MLG token, which will be used as an in-platform currency to pay participants for the provision of their anonymized health data on the secure marketplace.

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These MLG tokens will be on sale at the MEDICA Düsseldorf for the first time. The number of pre-sale participants is limited to 1000. Interested individuals will find further information on Medical Ledger’s website,, and in face-to-face meetings with the Medical Ledger team in Hall 15, Booth A23.

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