PEEX – A Revolutionary Live Music Platform That Allows Users to Mix Audio from Live Concerts in Real-Time

PEEX live music
Image: PEEX

A British start-up has developed a wearable device that is designed to enhance connection between fans and musicians in new ways. The device called PEEX, an app platform, allows users to mix audio from live concerts in real-time, making live music more interactive and personalized.

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The London-based company made its debut during Sir Elton John’s farewell tour. The 71-year-old singer, who has been working with the PEEX team for the last three years, hailed the start-up’s technology as “incredible”.

“Throughout my 50-year career, playing live has always been so important to me. I am passionate about giving my fans my best possible performance and making sure they get the best possible experience. Over the past three years I’ve been working with the talented team at Peex, who have developed an incredible new technology that will revolutionize the way fans listen to live music,” said Sir Elton John.

Peex comprises of two platforms: Peex Live, which enables fans to create their own 5-channel mix of the live concert sound via a piece of wearable technology, the rX, and an app; and Peex ReLive, which allows artists to sell audio downloads of live shows.

The PEEX system grabs the audio inputs directly from the stage and mixes them to 5 focused channels for broadcast to the audience using a proprietary radio solution. Audience members who has a PEEX rX can then receive these channels and using a companion App, adjust their own mix to suit their personal preferences. For example, if you want to boost a guitar solo or focus on the vocals, you can do so.

PEEX live music
Image: PEEX

“Our goal is to provide the highest quality audio experience anywhere in a venue,” PEEX Chief Operating Officer David Johnson told BusinessCloud.

“You could be standing a quarter of a mile outside a festival with the wind blowing, and it will always sound like you’re plugged directly into the sound system.”

“We do allow ambient noise in so it doesn’t take anything away from the social element,” Johnson said.

PEEX is mass producing its devices and is getting ready to roll out over the next few months, starting with key venues both in the UK and Europe.

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“Going forward, our primary focus will be to finalize a number of partnership agreements that are in place with venues and artists and then through a rental model be able to bring that out to the general public,” Johnson told Business Cloud.

Global music ticketing revenues are predicted to hit $24.6bn by 2021, and the PEEX platform is poised to grow this number further, providing new commercial opportunities for artists, labels, and venues, as well as generating additional revenue from live shows that has previously gone uncaptured.

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