Cardiac Insight Partners with VivoSense to Expand the Use of Its Wearable Cardiac Sensors in Clinical Trials and Other Research

Cardiac Insight VivoSense

Cardiac Insight, a Seattle, Washington-based leading developer of wearable cardiac biosensors and clinical diagnostic software systems, partnered up with VivoSense, a leader in integration and specialized analysis of wearable sensor data for research and clinical trials to help the latter expand the use of wearable biosensors for pharmaceutical clinical trials and other healthcare applications.

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“Sophisticated new analytics are the key to making sense of the complex data sets generated by human study participants in response to new drug candidates and genetics-driven population health research. Using the class-leading Cardiac Insight Cardea SOLO ECG Sensor data with VivoSense software, data cleaning, robust analytics and regulatory-compliant biomarkers, we expect to enable new discoveries,” said Dudley Tabakin, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of VivoSense. “The unique attributes and access to data enabled by Cardea SOLO strongly support our mission to advance clinical trials through the increasing use of wearable technology.”

Cardiac Insight VivoSense
Cardiac Insight’s Cardea 20/20 ECG (Image: Cardiac Insight)

VivoSense absorbs data from a variety of wearable sensors, from wrist-worn activity trackers to high-resolution cardiorespiratory and other cardiac sensors like Cardea SOLO. This data is then integrated, cleaned and synchronously analyzed with robust algorithms and scientific oversight from the VivoSense platform. The VivoSense solution opens all clinical trials to the accurate use of wearable technology, providing a new level of data.

“Our partnership with VivoSense is forging new frontiers and capabilities in healthcare research. Our complex raw ECG data and automated analytics, easily obtained by our wearable ECG, Cardea SOLO, combined with the VivoSense platform integration will provide a new level of understanding into the effectiveness of emerging medical and pharmaceutical innovations, as well as to potentially develop completely new biomarkers,” said Brad Harlow, Chief Executive Officer of Cardiac Insight, Inc. “Contributing to the advancement of health research is an important component of our mission. We look forward to providing researchers a more comprehensive level of data analytics to improve disease prevention, detection and treatment.”

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Comfortable and unobtrusive wearable cardiorespiratory sensors are being commonly used in sports and fitness research, longitudinal healthcare monitoring, and in regulated clinical trials. The very large physiological data sets generated by these sensors are the key to monitoring health and providing a greater understanding of the effects of new medications.

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