Cosinuss Provides Highly Accurate Vital Signs Monitoring

Cosinuss wearable

Technology plays a crucial role in many aspects of our lives. From insurance and banking to industry and healthcare, technology is impacting our lives in a big way. With the healthcare cost rising rapidly worldwide, digital health innovations will certainly play a significant role in healthcare.

“Digital health solutions can help us better address the challenges faced by almost every Western healthcare system – namely treating more and more elderly and chronically ill people, paying for expensive medical innovations, providing medical care to structurally weak rural areas. Digital health solutions enable better and more efficient care and wider access to medical expertise, especially in rural areas. Also, new forms of better care for patients at home can be realized,” German Federal Ministry for Health stated in a report.

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However, a major challenge for digital health solutions is still the ability to capture accurate and continuous sets of vital data in everyday life.

Digital health is also once more a hot topic at WT | Wearable Technologies MEDICA 2018, the world’s largest medical trade fair.

An innovative sensor technology from Munich-based company cosinuss ° (, which will be represented at WT | Wearable Technologies MEDICA 2018 (Dusseldorf) from 12th to 15th November, 2018 in hall 15 booth A23, is tackling this problem. Their technology covers a wide range of area such as Fitness, Temperature, COPD, Fertility, Stress, Sleep apnea and Elderly care.

Cosinuss wearable

cosinuss’ in-house sensor technology, called earconnect, enables continuous and high precision monitoring of several vital signs in everyday life. Heart rate, heart rate variability, body temperature, blood pressure changes and soon also oxygen saturation of the blood can be continuously captured with one sensor inside the ear. In addition to these vital parameters, movement patterns and respiratory rate can also be recorded and included in further analyzes. This immense amount of objective data, in conjunction with the subjective data already collected by the respective health app, then enables AI and machine learning algorithms to create in-depth insights into the health of their users. In addition, cosinuss ° itself also provides analyzes based on the recorded vital data, for example on various stress indicators such as physical stress, overall wellbeing, emotional stress and fatigue and also evaluates the vital data individually if required.

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cosinuss°’s own digital health solutions include the cosinuss ° One performance tracker for competitive sports, as well as the degree °, an intelligent and continuously measuring fever thermometer for children. Another solution still in the pipeline is OxMotion, a health app for COPD-affected people that motivates their users to exercise regularly and provides them with a safe environment at home to do so. To preserve and improve their rehabilitation successes and quality of life.

Based on high precision and continuous sets of vital data, digital health solutions will gain significantly in relevance and represent a real alternative and relief for the healthcare system.

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