How Wearables are Changing the Way Event Managements are Handled

Wearables event management

Technology imbues various requirements of event planning and management today. From ensuring enough bandwidth, to meeting complicated sound and lighting requirements, to setting up adaptable digital whiteboards, technology is everywhere.

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Wearable technology is a fantastic way to handle event management. When used by guests and event staff at conference halls, hotels, cruise lines and other venues, wearable technology promises to add real-time awareness and intelligence to event management and communications.

An event manager’s job is a complicated one, and on the other hand, event participants often miss out on a lot of opportunities because they keep themselves busy staring at their screen instead of paying attention to the speaker and event activities.

Now, PixMob, a wireless lighting company specialized in creating immersive experiences and performances, presents us with Klik wearables, a perfect solution that allows participants in connected events to become and remain connected with each other and with the event itself.

Dubbed as “the new like” by its creators, Klik is an event planning and implementation platform that enables the exchange of all the activities needed in an event management such as, contact information, scheduling of events, registration of participants, and more. The device can also be integrated with other apps and solutions. All you need to do is create your profile and you can start mingling with your colleagues and other participants in the event.

Wearables event management

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At the Hilton America’s Leadership Conference, guests were supplied with Klik wristbands, which they could easily use to exchange contact information with the vendors, colleagues, and executives they met. To incentivize those interactions, Hilton used gamification to award attendees’ points for each exchange, which could be traded in for merchandise at the event store.


Smartwatch with an Eventbrite app gives people access into events quickly and efficiently, without ever having to reach into a pocket. Attendees can easily find and pull up their ticket to an event within a couple seconds. At larger events with multiple sections and different access levels, people can use their smartwatch to move throughout the event with ease. They won’t have to continuously pull out their ticket or phone when their hands are full.

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