Google Fit Adds New Breathing Exercise and a Widget Among Other New Features

Google Fit breathing

Google is rolling out a huge upgrade to Google Fit, its activity-tracking app, on Android and Wear OS. This upgrade comes following a major overhaul in August. The new update will bring even more features to the fitness tracker.

The updates make it easier to track activity progress and to engage in a bit of relaxation. Some are pretty basic, like the launch of a Fit widget for your Android home screen, while other updates are new features like a breathing exercise (though that will only be available on Wear OS), an updated home screen in the app itself and improved activity logging, reports Tech Crunch.

When the app underwent a major redesign earlier this year, Google introduced Heart Points as a way of tracking not just the duration of the exercise, but also the strenuousness of your activities, in order for Fit to award you more accurate Heart Points for the workout.

If you own a Wear OS smartwatch, you will also be able to rely on your device to calm you down during those moments of panic.

Google Fit breathing

Whenever you manually log a workout into your journal, you will now see a slider under a section titled “Effort” which is where you’ll be able to adjust how easy or tough the workout was. Now, you can adjust the intensity in your quest for getting more Heart Points.

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The other major new feature, the breathing exercise, is the exact opposite of strenuous exercise. This feature is for those moments when you want to calm down. However, it’s not clear why Google has decided to keep it in Wear OS for right now.

Also, the updates let you place activity progress meters like minutes walked and calories burned right on the main screen of your Android phone.

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