NGK’s Chip-type Ceramic Secondary Batteries Win CES 2019 Innovation Awards

NGK EnerCera batteries
Image: The EnerCera series of batteries (Image: NGK)

Japanese firm NGK, well-known for spark plugs, has been named a CES 2019 Innovation Awards honoree for its EnerCera series of chip-type ceramic secondary batteries. The batteries will be exhibited at CES 2019 to be held in Las Vegas, USA, from January 8 to 11, 2019. Our CEO Christian Stammel will be one of the speakers at the CES 2019.

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CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the world’s largest trade show in consumer electronics held in Las Vegas every January. The “CES Innovation Awards” is an international award program in 28 product categories judged by product quality, beauty of design, value to customers, uniqueness and novelty of product specs, and innovation compared to products in the market, says a press release.

This is the first time NGK will exhibit at CES, where it’ll introduce the EnerCera series of batteries. The EnerCera series is a Li-ion secondary battery realizing high energy density with a small and thin body by using NGK’s original Crystal Oriented Ceramic Plate as electrodes. One of the features is high heat resistance that enables the battery to be mounted on devices by high-temperature processes. The EnerCera series has two types: EnerCera Pouch, the world’s first Li-ion secondary battery which can be embedded in IC cards by hot lamination, and EnerCera Coin, the world’s first Li-ion secondary battery which can be mounted on circuit boards by reflow soldering.

NGK EnerCera batteries
Image: NGK’s innovation helped spread the development of IoT devices (Image: Lief)

Both EnerCera Pouch and EnerCera Coin won the CES Innovation Awards in the Smart Energy category that is for consumer electronics’ power sources, charging devices and so on. The batteries were thoroughly evaluated for their capability of high-temperature installation essential for device manufacturing. The innovation helped spread the development of IoT devices. As a result, the EnerCera series was honored with two awards.

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The mass production of the EnerCera series is scheduled to start in April 2019 sequentially, to be adopted for applications which require high capacity in a small and thin body, such as IoT devices, smart cards, RFID tags, electronic shelf labels (ESLs) and wearable devices.

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