CES 2019: DigiLens Unveils Augmented Reality Smartglasses

DigiLens AR glasses

Silicon Valley startup DigiLens unveiled DigiLens Crystal, a reference platform that gives OEM’s a customizable, cost-effective waveguide-based eyeglass style solution for both workforce and consumer applications.

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The completely transparent Augmented Reality smartglasses deliver content both indoors and outdoors. Maintenance, logistics or manufacturing workers can increase productivity and at the same time stay safe by using these glasses which provide timely access to real-time remote assistance and enterprise data – all while staying hands-free.

For consumers, DigiLens’ smartglass technology enables a rich opportunity for future social, educational and gaming applications, said a press release.

Currently available AR smartglasses have tints, which compensate for the low efficiency and dim displays. At the same time, they are heavy to wear, expensive and have limited battery life.

DigiLens Crystal makes use of the USB-C power outlet common to many smartphones, greatly simplifying the AR glass solution. Unimpaired transparency allows the DigiLens display to be there when you need it and disappear when you don’t. From the outside, they look just like clear glasses, but from the user’s point of view, the display is so efficient it can be used on a bright sunny day.

DigiLens AR glasses

“We have set the bar for featherlight indoor/outdoor smartglasses for workers and mobile gamers,” said DigiLens CEO Chris Pickett. “By tethering the smartglasses to powerful mobile devices, we have reduced the barrier to developing compelling AR applications to a simple app.”

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Proprietary photopolymer and low-cost holographic contact copy manufacturing process allows the AR glasses to retail at a true consumer price point below $499. Due to the higher optical efficiency, DigiLens Crystal can last over five hours connected to a smartphone, or up to fifteen hours with a portable power bank.

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