QUS Sports Introduces Washable Smart Fitness Shirt and Bra

QUS Smart bra

The rising popularity of smart clothes is prompting manufacturers to integrate innovative applications into smart clothes. One of the popular features of smart clothes is their ability to monitor your health. Because smart clothes wrap around your body, they are capable of better tracking your health than a fitness tracker, for example.

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QUS Sports, an Austria-based company is currently in the process of producing washable smart textiles that tracks your health.

The smart clothe comes in the form of a shirt and a bra. The integrated sensors can collect a range of health data, including heart rate, breathing rate, calorie consumption, acceleration, g-force, geo-data, sleep and regeneration. What’s important is that the data captured can be done without the need for a chest strap or connected phone, reports Gadgets and Wearables.

QUS is the world´s first washable smart textile that provides accurate body data capturing for sports-training. Intelligent sensors in the QUS shirt record all relevant data without a chest strap or connected phone, save it to the cloud and help you optimize your training. QUS not only allows you to take full control of your training, but also provides you with the support you need.

QUS Smart bra

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The sensor technology used in the shirt consists of washable textile fibers which can withstand more than 100 washing cycles.

The On-Board-Unit inserted in the back, houses the GPS, accelerometer/gyrometer and allows for data exchange and transmission to the cloud or application.

Features of QUS

  • Integrated textile sensors
  • Precise measurements of heart & respiration rate
  • Perception for training
  • Excellent wearing comfort
  • Full range of movement
  • Machine washable for better hygiene
  • Attractive product design

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