Samsung Patent Hints at Smart Shoes with Smartphone Connectivity

Samsung smart shoes

Samsung has been pretty busy trying to build an ecosystem of connected devices for some time. The company, more recently, has dipped its toes into smart clothing.

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Now, Samsung’s new patent hints that the South Korean tech giant might be working on a new line of smart running shoes, either on their own or more likely in collaboration with a shoe maker.

Based on similar or close-to-similar products as well as the details of the patent, we can expect smart shoes with sensors plus a smartphone app to support the wearable device.

The smart shoes can be activated in one of two ways, according to the patent. One technique involves pulling the tab located on the back of the shoe while the other one describes a procedure with buttons hidden behind a cover, which could also be on the back of the shoe. What’s not known is how smart the shoes will be and what type of activities will they be capable of tracking, reports BGR.

Samsung smart shoes

Counting steps could easily be done by pedometers and trackers. Also, measuring pressure could help indicate whether you’re running the right way or are prone to injuring yourself.

The materials of the shoes suggest they’re made out of a mix of leather and synthetic material.

Last year, Samsung showcased SmartSuit, which was meant for the athletes at the Olympic winter games 2018. The SmartSuit was supposed to help them train. Two years ago, Samsung launched lofit shoes for golf players on Kickstarter.

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The new patents for running shoes suggest they’re meant for casual runners and not only for professional athletes. The patent does not provide too much information about the smart side of the shoes.

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