MWC 2019: Samsung Unveils Cutting-Edge RF Chipsets for 5G Base Stations

Samsung new RF chipsets for 5G

Samsung just announced its next generation 5G mmWave chipsets. The chipsets are comprised of Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFICs) and Digital/Analog Front End (DAFE) Application-specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) – supporting 28GHz and 39GHz bands.

The new chipsets will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2019, which kicks off Tuesday in Barcelona.

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The core components of the chipsets – RFICs and DAFE ASICs – are about 25% smaller in size, weight and power consumption for 5G base stations, compared with to the previous versions. These new chipsets will make 5G base stations more efficient in operation and roll-out, said a press release.

“Our breakthroughs in 5G R&D have been key driving forces behind successful 5G commercial services across the U.S. and Korea in 2018, with over 36,000 5G base station shipments,” said Paul Kyungwhoon Cheun, Executive Vice President and Head of Networks Business at Samsung Electronics. “At the forefront of ushering in the 4th Industrial Revolution, Samsung will continue to accelerate 5G commercialization, ultimately impacting industries and everyday lives by offering low latency, ultra-high speed, and massive connectivity.”

Samsung chipset

Samsung’s new RFICs using cutting-edge 28nm CMOS semiconductor technology operate on bandwidths that have been expanded to a maximum 1.4GHz, compared to 800MHz for previous RFICs. The size of RFIC is reduced by 36 percent and overall performance is enhanced by decreasing the noise level and improving the linearity characteristics of the RF power amplifier.

Samsung will start mass-producing the chips in the second quarter for shipments to Korea and the US.

The company also announced the development of chipsets for 24 GHz and 47 GHz bands destined for markets in the US and Europe.

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“Samsung is building on its 5G leadership with its innovative solutions including low-power RFICs and DAFE ASICs to pioneer a new era of digital transformation,” said Jaeho Jeon, Executive Vice President and Head of R&D, Networks Business at Samsung Electronics. “We’re pleased to announce our completion of development on these new chipsets, which will play vital roles in pushing the advancement of technologies to the next level.”

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