Virtual Reality App for Live Operating Room Experiences for Surgical Education on Oculus Headsets

VR app for surgery education

For medical students, it’s important to have operating room (OR) access in order to learn new and updated procedural techniques from top experts. However, ORs are highly restricted areas, where only patients and doctors are normally allowed.

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GIBLIB, is a streaming media platform with the largest library of on-demand medical lectures and surgical videos in 4K and 360-degree virtual reality. Today, the company announced the launch of the first VR app for an immersive operating room experience to enhance surgical education. Through the app, medical students and practicing physicians can enjoy the most immersive and accessible OR experience anywhere, reports GIBLIB.

The app supports GIBLIB’s direct-to-consumer offering, which requires consumers only have a subscription to the Company’s streaming media service and an Oculus Go headset or Oculus Rift System. GIBLIB exclusively partners with leading academic medical centers, Cedars-Sinai and Stanford Children’s Hospital, to provide engaging and informative content from the best surgeons and physicians in the world, which is now accessible through the VR app that connects to the Oculus Store.

Virtual reality in OR

Each video is filmed with studio-quality 4K resolution to be both visually descriptive and informative. GIBLIB leverages precise camera angles from the surgeon’s point of view and 360 spherical panorama, in addition to intuitive digital overlays, ensuring practicing physicians and surgeons receive the most authentic media-based OR experience. Supporting medical staff in ORs, including nurses and surgical assistants, can also gain important insights into how to best conduct themselves during procedures and use the most up-to-date surgical and robotic equipment.

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“The latest surgical techniques and procedural best practices are advancing faster than ever before, and the ability to gain access to educational content that keeps surgeons up-to-date needs to meet demand,” said Brian Conyer, CEO and Co-founder of GIBLIB. “Our goal is to bridge the gap between medical professionals and the knowledge they need in order to enhance their techniques in a way that is universally accessible and retains the authenticity of the learning experience.”

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