Aktiia’s optical blood pressure technology proven accurate for two months without recalibration

Aktiia, a Swiss-US startup that develops optical blood pressure monitors at the wrist, has demonstrated that its cuffless optical blood pressure technology does not need recalibration after two months of use. This achievement overcomes the limitations of existing cuffless blood pressure solutions and propels Aktiia forward in the development of a clinically-validated optical blood pressure monitor at the wrist.

Aktiia’s technology is based on 15 years of research by its founders. Since its incorporation in 2018, Aktiia has translated this scientific knowledge into a fully integrated and beautifully designed cuffless bracelet. The technology uses the same sensors in existing wearables that measure heart rate and reads information from vessels under the skin of the wrist. The data is then analyzed to provide a precise measurement of blood pressure, day and night. The Aktiia bracelet will allow 24/7 blood pressure monitoring without the hassle of interrupting a patient’s day (or sleep) to take a measurement.

Cuffless blood pressure monitors are widely expected to improve the management and follow-up of hypertensive patients by providing comfortable day and night monitoring. However, existing cuffless blood pressure solutions still require regular recalibrations to be performed on a daily basis, limiting usability and creating frustration for patients.

In a study that has been accepted for publication at the 41st IEEE International Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference, Aktiia is the first to demonstrate that blood pressure measurements generated from signals recorded at the wrist using off-the shelf optical sensors can remain stable for up to two months after calibration.

Aktiia takes clinical validation seriously, and in February 2019 initiated an additional validation study that compares its technology against invasive measurements of blood pressure performed in intensive care units (see approved study NCT03837769). This is a major milestone toward clinical validation of Aktiia’s optical blood pressure monitor at the wrist.

About Aktiia

Aktiia was founded in Switzerland in May 2018 out of a passion to create the best tool for diagnosis and treatment of hypertension. Aktiia´s founders, Mattia Bertschi (CEO) and Josep Solà (CTO) previously contributed to research and development at CSEM, a prestigious Swiss research institute. For 15 years they worked day in and day out to understand the language of our heart signals and decode key markers to gain better insight into blood pressure. They built an incredible team of 12 employees and founded Aktiia to turn their years of pioneering work into a useful tool for people around the globe.

Aktiia’s technology combines common optical sensors and proprietary clinically validated algorithms to measure blood pressure at the wrist. Validated through extensive trials in acute and low-acute settings, its accuracy has received worldwide acknowledgment, enabling Aktiia to proudly offer the most complete and user-friendly blood pressure companion to date. With 1/3 of adults globally suffering from hypertension, this mission is more urgent than ever.

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Ramona Socher
Ramona Socher is Online Editor at WT | Wearable Technologies