LUCI Launches World’s First Immersion-on-Demand Personal Wearable LUCI immers

LUCI immers

If you ever wished you had a personal place; a stunning, realistic world where you could totally immerse yourself, then LUCI is your answer. LUCI lets you enter an amazing world based on any movie you select. With LUCI, you become an action hero, adventurer or a traveler in the Lord of the Rings Middle Earth. The Hong Kong-based company just launched a revolutionary new lightweight wearable headset called LUCI immers, which delivers an incredible visual experience for movies, games and more on Indiegogo.

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These portable Micro-OLED glasses are truly lightweight entertainment headset with a high-resolution display that provides a super-giant screen effect for video and multimedia when connected to a smartphone, tablet or laptop. The smartglasses feature 3840×1080 HD display delivers a screen size of 1023” at a 20 m viewing distance, similar to sitting in a theater, says a press release.

Native 3D effects and 3DoF (three degrees of freedom) motion, eliminates ghosting and screen door effects, giving movies, games and streaming content an impressively immersive experience.

Portable immerson-on-demand LUCI immers

LUCI immers is ergonomically designed with a curved shaped and nanotech cotton cushions. They are very lightweight at 180g and are comfortable to wear for longer viewing sessions.

“Our goal was to make the most lightweight and comfortable wearable on the market that would allow users to enjoy their multimedia with an incredible visual experience. LUCI immers combines high tech materials for comfort and a high definition display for a big-screen experience that users can take with them anywhere,” says Kirin Li, CEO of LUCI.

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You can wear LUCI over eyeglasses as well. The smartglass can be connected to mobile devices, smartphones, tablets and Playstations via USB-C or HDMI cable.

This portable headset delivers an unparalleled big-screen experience anytime and anywhere.

LUCI immers is available on Indiegogo for $649. Early bird gives you additional discount.

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