Wearable Leaf Monitoring System Promotes Early Patient Mobility and Double Adherence Rates

Leaf patient monitoring

A study conducted in 16 nursing units of nine acute-care hospitals found the Leaf Patient Monitoring System promotes early patient mobility and can double adherence rates with patient-turning protocols.

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In each institution’s patient turning protocols, the Leaf system improved adherence by identifying patients who needed repositioning, and according to the nurses, the system made patient repositioning much easier, says a press release.

“It’s exciting that Leaf Patient Monitoring Technology enables timely repositioning of patients to reduce the risk of pressure injuries and promote early, safe mobility,” said Melissa Klaeb, PT, DPT, the study’s corresponding author. “But even more exciting is the fact that surveys of nurses using the Leaf system demonstrated the wearable technology is easy to use and increases unit efficiency and workflow. This distinguishes the Leaf system from so many medical devices that are difficult or complicated to use and offer dubious value.”

wearable patient monitoring

From the nurses in the study:

  • 86 percent said the patient monitoring technology helped to identify patients who needed turning.
  • 75 percent said it improved unit teamwork.
  • 71 percent said it helped to prioritize workflow demands.

The Leaf technology made it easier for nurses to conduct timely patient turning. Only 6% found timely patient turning to be difficult to very difficult with the new system, down from 44% without the system.

Studies have shown the Leaf System improves patient turning and mobility, reduces pressure injury rates, helps nurses prioritize patient care, improves unit workflow, and saves hospitals non-reimbursed costs associated with the treatment of pressure injuries.

The Leaf System tracks patient movement and activity in bed-bound, chair-bound, and ambulatory patients. Deployed in healthcare facilities since 2014, Leaf system is the first FDA-cleared medical technology that continuously monitors patient activity and position to identify those who could benefit from repositioning.

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Pressure injuries are the fastest-growing hospital-acquired condition, according to the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). Serious pressure injuries affect 705,000 patients a year and add $10.2 billion to annual U.S. healthcare costs.

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