These Wearables Are Helping Seniors Stay Safe and Healthy

Wearables for seniors
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Nursing home costs are going through the roof as people are living longer. The skyrocketing cost of nursing homes are forcing many seniors to stay with family members or live alone. Here are some wearables that can help keep the seniors healthy and safe without the need for a full-time professional care.

Apple Watch

The two most talked about feature of Apple Watch 4 are ECG and fall detection, both of which are aimed at senior citizens. If the watch senses that you have fallen it delivers an alert to let you initiate an emergency call. If it senses that you’re immobile for more than a minute, the watch will start the emergency call automatically and contact the emergency contact saved in your phone. The new watch can also screen your heart rhythm for irregularities, such as atrial fibrillation, and alert you about any problems. The Watch 4 is also able to take an electrocardiogram (ECG) in just 30 seconds, and enables you to share the data with your doctor.

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CarePredict Tempo

CarePredict is an AI-driven digital health company that is on a mission to develop technologies that can provide high-quality senior care. CarePredict’s premiere wearable product – Tempo – is a wrist-worn bracelet with a touch-button sensor and built-in microphone and speaker, along with sensors that detect activities of daily living (ADL). Tempo uses sophisticated AI algorithms to sense ADLs such as eating, drinking, bathing, grooming, tooth-brushing, toilet use, walking, sitting, sleeping, and more and to communicate wirelessly with peel-and-stick beacons to pinpoint the rooms in which those activities are occurring.

Wearable clip for seniors
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GoLiveClip is another wearable that is ideal for seniors. Made by Gociety Solutions, the wearable counts your steps, sounds an alarm when you fall and even sends you a warning as soon as your fall risk increases! GoLiveClip is a non-invasive smart clip. Just attach the it to your clothing and it will keep you safe, wherever you go! It is ideal if you work alone or in a dangerous profession, or enjoy adventurous activities – but equally useful if you simply wish to enjoy life whatever your age. The device makes sure that you’re not alone. GoLiveClip and its accessory apps have been developed in collaboration with renowned scientific institutes. Independent scientific validation has proven the fall detection rate is not less than 93% accurate, providing a level of reliability you can depend on. Using GoLiveClip, you can track your activity level, have an alarm button near you at all times, send notifications to friends or family and receive notifications as soon as your fall risk increases.

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BodyGuardian Heart

BodyGuardian Heart monitors your activity, heart rate, respiration and other vital signs. You need to stick it directly onto your skin. It connects to a smartphone app, allowing your doctor or caregivers to monitor vital signs and receive an alert when there’s a potential health problem. This is a prescription device and the good news is that it is covered by many health insurance policies.

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