Lily Bioceuticals Announces Wearable 24-Hour Life-Like Synthetic “Second Skin”

Lily Bioceuticals Second Skin

Everyone wants to live longer but nobody wants to look old. For decades scientists have been trying to develop a life-like cosmetic “second skin”. Now, Lily Bioceuticals, a research-based anti-aging skin care and cosmetics manufacturer announced they have finally developed a second skin that mimics the elasticity and smoothness of an unblemished youthful complexion.

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BEYOND FLAWLESS™ SECOND SKIN is the collaborative effort by scientists and Lily Bioceuticals. This is the first functioning 24-hour “second skin” to the beauty industry.

This second skin uses a simple two-step process that creates a tight, undetectable bond over natural skin in under five minutes, flattening eyebags while covering wrinkles and blemishes. The resilient, breathable layer is swim, sweat and sleep-proof and lasts for up to 24 hours without residue or flaking. This life-like second skin can be peeled off in one piece, said Lily Bioceuticals in a press release.

Lady removing second skin from her face

To develop this second skin, scientists used medical-grade graphene, which is proven to be thinnest yet strongest material on earth, and cross-linked it with multiple polymers. When combined, the mechanical properties of the polymers improve dramatically, making this product safe and viable for the general consumer.

BEYOND FLAWLESS SECOND SKIN also contains active anti-aging ingredients e.g. stabilized Vitamin C, peptides, and extracts to provide long term anti-aging skin care benefits.

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Lily Bioceuticals scientists are poised to announce additional “second skin” products for the face and other body parts with equally dramatic lifting effects on wrinkles and blemishes in the very near future.

About Lily Bioceuticals

Lily Bioceuticals is owned by Bio-Nature Laboratories, LLC of Edison, New Jersey. The company has been creating high BIOTECH beauty and skin care products since 2008.  With a focus on cellular energy, paralleling the recent bioscience discoveries in anti-aging, they introduced their highly acclaimed NAD+ product line in 2014.  Achieving unprecedented results in clinical trials in the US and abroad, their NAD+(Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide), NR(Nicotinamide Riboside) products have become widely popular in international market.

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