LG Unveils Three Meridian Backed Bluetooth 5.0 Headsets

LG Meridian Bluetooth Headsets
Image: LG

Consumer electronics giant LG has launched three new Bluetooth 5.0 headsets with stunning sound performance delivered by built-in Meridian Audio technology. The headsets are available for purchase via LG’s website. Prices and availability will vary by provider and retailer.

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The Hi-Fi Sound Solution with Meridian Audio will give music lovers a clearer and more balanced sound. A composite diaphragm inside the speaker unit produces clarity in high and low ranges. The high-strength metal layer creates accurate treble, while a plastic layer produces rich, deep bass.

These new models feature a fast-charging battery that delivers up to 3 hours of use from only a 10-minute charge. Thanks to dual microphones, each new headset also picks up a wearer’s voice more clearly so phone calls are more audible even in noisy environments, LG said in a press release.

“Our partnership with Meridian has helped LG deliver exceptional audio solutions across the home entertainment space for many years,” said Tim Alessi, head of home entertainment product marketing at LG Electronics USA. “By extending the collaboration to the LG TONE lineup, we’re proud to bring listeners the same level of high-fidelity audio they’ve come to enjoy from our wireless speakers and sound bars.”

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Image: LG (PRNewswire)


The flexible and slim LG TONE Flex with premium EQ by Meridian is designed to be easily carried anywhere, with up to eight hours of play time and weighing only 1.55 ounces. Thanks to 32-bit Hi-Fi DAC, the LG TONE Flex upscales lower-quality files to reproduce high-resolution, finely detailed audio that sounds close to the original studio recording. With a dedicated Google Assistant button, the LG TONE Flex allows users to stay connected, enjoy entertainment, get information and manage their day – all without glancing at their smartphone.

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HBS-SL6S TONE Style and HBS-SL5 TONE Style

The slim and seamless design of the LG TONE Style models SL6S and SL5 give a premium one-body look and comes with up to eight hours of playtime. For an added experience, The LG TONE Style (SL6S) comes with a convenient external speaker that enables wearers to make phone calls or listen to music without the retractable earbuds.

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