Posture and Tech Company Posture360 Launches Crowdfunding EOI with Birchal

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Back pain is the most common cause of disability worldwide, and it’s also the number two reason for doctor visits, and most common reason for missed work. One in four kids by age 15 will be affected by back pain. Australian company Posture360 wants to change all that. The first ever integrated posture and technology company launched their Expression of Interest campaign with Birchal, giving people the opportunity to invest in a portion of the company alongside their experienced angel investors, professionals, and venture capital firms like Samsung Ventures.

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Birchal is an equity crowdfunding platform that gives everyday investors the opportunity to own a share in the future of Posture360 and take part of the company’s exciting upside potential.

“We are on a mission to change the way the world sits, sleeps, and moves to fight the war on backpain and become the authority on posture worldwide,” said Posture 360 in a press release.

Posture360 is a vertically integrated technology company that designs, manufactures, and sells connected posture products. Already generating over $2M in revenue, the release of PostureWear is set to expand globally.

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The company’s posture products are smart, providing function, comfort, and style. Their fully integrated PostureWear gets your back into natural alignment while providing real-time analytics to monitor your postural habits and patterns throughout the day.

Insurance companies, hospitals, and sports also benefit by way of the company’s SaaS platform helping clients, patients, and athletes prevent future injury and find relief.

As experienced sellers with existing relationships in the health and wellness space, Posture360 is also preparing to receive endorsements from professional athletes. In parallel, limited trials on our SaaS platform will be performed with industry partners providing a free service for a limited time, and then charging per user and access to advanced data features.

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Final development of the shirt now complete. The sensors and accuracy is ready for commercial rollout.

“We’re raising funds to launch PostureWear and grow our sales and marketing team to capitalize on the significant market opportunities that are awaiting us,” the company said.

Percentage of profits will go towards charity, specific to those in need of spinal surgeries.

Rollout is set for Australia and South Korea and once established, the USA, South East Asia, and then Europe and other parts of Asia.

The campaign will go live to the public on November 18th.

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