CES 2020: This Wearable Uses Covestro Polycarbonate Blend to Help You Bounce Back from Stress and Get Better Sleep

Apollo Covestro partnership
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Technology helps us do amazing things. And in particular, wearable devices improve our everyday lives in many ways. Pittsburgh, PA-based Apollo Neuroscience has developed a wearable device that helps you to beat stress, get better sleep and feel more relaxed. The company showed off its device at the recently concluded CES 2020 in Las Vegas.

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Since Apollo is worn on the wrist or ankle, the wearable required a material that withstands everyday products—such as lotions, perfumes and detergents—as well as drops and daily wear and tear. Apollo Neuroscience partnered with Covestro to use its Makroblend® M525 PC+polyester blend in its device. The polycarbonate blend delivers the toughness and chemical resistance needed to create this durable yet lightweight device, says a press release.

“Wearables have a long checklist of needs to meet, and it all starts with the right materials,” said Doug Hamilton, global healthcare marketing leader, Covestro LLC.

According to Kathryn Fantauzzi, CEO and co-founder of Apollo Neuroscience, Inc., Apollo is the first wearable that helps the body beat stress by rapidly restoring its natural equilibrium for better sleep, energy and more. She explains that, unlike other wearables, Apollo doesn’t just track your body—it uses vibration to improve your recovery from stress. Originally developed by physicians and neuroscientists at the University of Pittsburgh, Apollo’s gentle vibration waves signal safety to the body and improve HRV—all through the sense of touch.

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For healthcare applications such as medication delivery, surgical instruments, electromedical equipment and wound care, Covestro offers dedicated thermoplastics, films, TPU, raw materials for adhesives, foams, and more (Image: Covestro)

“Makroblend M525 PC+polyester blend meets two important requirements—toughness and chemical resistance—to help Apollo users find balance with a strong and lightweight device that remains unchanged when exposed to a variety of personal care products,” said Zachary Williams, market development, Healthcare – Polycarbonates, Covestro LLC.

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John Maholtz, chief operating officer at Apollo Neuroscience, said:

“Apollo is about empowering people to take control of their health—that’s why we chose Covestro as a partner,”. “Covestro’s premier materials ensure that Apollo users experience a clean, comfortable and long-lasting product that is just as resilient as they are.”

Apollo works in tandem with an intuitive app which features a variety of programs that help you to increase energy, improve focus, speed up recovery, help meditate, deepen relaxation and promote sleep.

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