XRHealth Launches First Virtual Reality Telehealth Clinic

XRHealth VR Telehealth Clinic
Image: XRHealth

XRHealth (formerly VRHealth), a leading provider of extended reality and therapeutic applications, announced the first virtual reality (VR) telehealth clinic that will provide VR therapy to patients. VR telehealth clinicians providing care are currently certified in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida, Michigan, Washington D.C., Delaware, California, New York, and North Carolina and will be expanding their presence in additional states in the coming months. The XRHealth telehealth services are covered by Medicare and most major insurance providers.

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XRHealth uses Virtual Reality to rehabilitate patients via an immersive and engaging experience in the comfort of their own home. XRHealth combines therapeutic software with VR technology solutions that can treat a variety of health conditions. VR therapy transports patients to an environment where they can view and experience treatment as a fun activity, increasing patient participation in prescribed therapeutic treatments, says a press release.

The clinicians working at XRHealth VR telehealth will provide an initial patient assessment, ship a VR headset to patients who do not currently have access to one, train them on how to use the technology, provide ongoing telehealth care and remote monitoring, using video call and VR technology, and manage the insurance billing for patients. As the patient is using the XRHealth VR technology for therapeutic treatment, the clinical staff can control the unit remotely and see exactly what the patient is viewing and adjust the settings and treatment in real-time, remotely. After the initial training session, the patient can then use the headset independently while data from the therapy is stored and analyzed in real-time so that clinicians can monitor patient status regularly while in compliance with the HIPAA privacy rules. Once a week, a report will be generated to the payer/provider that referred the patient.

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“XRHealth is modernizing and revolutionizing the way healthcare is operating today,” says Eran Orr, CEO of XRHealth. “We are utilizing the most advanced forms of technology like virtual reality to provide patients with optimal care in the comfort of their own homes while providing top-notch clinicians with ongoing status of their progress. Patients can now ‘go’ to a virtual clinic without the need to leave their homes at all.”

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Patients that want virtual reality therapeutic care from the XRHealth telehealth clinic can seek treatment for the following conditions:

  • Traumatic brain injury and stroke rehabilitation
  • Stress, anxiety, memory decline
  • Chronic pain, acute pain, pain distraction, pain syndromes
  • Hot flashes and night sweats
  • Neck, shoulder, spinal cord injuries and neurological disorders

The XRHealth VR telehealth clinics will open on March 1st and patients can join by submitting a request to enroll for the XRHealth services on the company website.

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