Augmedix Turns Clinician-Patient Conversation into Medical Documentation in Real-Time

Augmedix EHR
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An electronic health record (EHR) is a digital version of a patient’s paper chart. EHRs allow clinicians to record patient visits more accurately and suitably than other methods. However, preparing an EHR document takes time and affects the quality of patient-clinician interactions. To make this process more smooth, medical scribes are used. They take notes while the clinician visits with the patient. Augmedix, a startup with offices in San Francisco and Bangladesh, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to turn natural clinician-patient conversation into medical documentation.

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The Augmedix platform is powered by a combination of proprietary NLP technology and specialty-trained teams to ensure quality and consistent documentation.

Outfitted with either Alphabet Inc’s Google Glass or a smartphone, Augmedix users transmit the patient-clinician interaction securely to remote medical scribes, who then complete documentation in real-time, reports MedGadget.

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“For one, our service is truly ambient and conversational. We do not require the clinician to dictate word-for-word, press buttons, or speak wake words. Quite the opposite. We create timely, accurate, structured EHR notes from organic clinician-patient conversation,” Ian Shakil, Founding Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer at Augmedix, told MedGadget’s Cici Zhou in an interview.

“The second and related key differentiator is that our platform works live, in real-time. This allows for rapid note completion and also enables numerous two-way interactive features, which our customers find to be very valuable.”

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In October, 2019, Augmedix raised $19 million in Series B funding that includes investments from Redmile Group, McKesson Ventures, DCM Ventures, Wanxiang Healthcare Investments, and others. The company said it will use this fresh funding to accelerate product development, including automation capabilities, and to strategically scale its technology-enabled service across health systems and private clinics nationwide. This latest funding brings Augmedix’s total raised since its inception to $82 million.

Augmedix was founded by Ian Shakil and Pelu Tran in 2012, and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

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