Fitbit Adds New COVID-19 Feature that Connects Users to a Virtual Doctor and Gives Advice On Indoor Workouts

Fitbit new COVID 19 Feature
Image: Fitbit

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, wearables giant Fitbit has unveiled a new coronavirus feature to help people cope with this horrible situation. The new app lets users connect with a doctor virtually and access information on exercising indoors.

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The new feature will show up as a new tab at the bottom of the app labelled COVID-19, and include the latest updates from the World Health Organization (WHO), reports MobiHealthNews.

According to Worldometers, there are more than 1.9 million confirmed cases and 120,871 deaths caused by COVID-19 so far. Governments around the globe issued lockdown and stay home orders. A lack of access to gyms and sports facilities is attracting many people to turn to digital platforms to exercise at home and stay safe.

Users need to become a member of telemedicine service PlushCare, who conducts the virtual care visits. The membership gives you 30 days of free trial. PlushCare has board-certified doctors. You can contact the doctors if you need medical in ongoing conditions and prescription refills to urgent issues, like for screening for COVID-19.

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Fitbit also said that it plans to use aggregated data to gain insights about how the coronavirus is impacting users’ sleep and activity levels.

“PlushCare’s board-certified doctors can address medical needs from ongoing conditions and prescription refills to urgent issues, like screening for COVID-19. Become a member to get access to a 30-day free trial or login to your existing account to book your virtual appointment. The next available appointment is typically the same day and can be paid for with insurance or credit card,” said Fitbit.

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The new COVID-19 tab is available in the US, UK, India, Canada, Australia, and many other European countries. To get the service, you have to set the language of the app in English. Starting today, you will notice a new tab in your Fitbit app. If you don’t see it yet, then wait for a while because it’s rolling slowly.

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