btwTAG Contact Tracing Solution Now Available For US, Europe, South American Companies

btwTAG Contact Tracing Solution
Image: btwTAG

Illinois-based btwTAG announced its confidential workplace contact tracer and social distancing alert system to stop the spread of COVID-19 is now available for organizations based in the United States, Europe, Latin and South America.

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The company is currently in advanced discussions with enterprises with manufacturing, distribution and office facilities, health care networks, universities and educational institutions, travel and leisure companies, entertainment companies and venues and various other organizations in search of a simple and immediately deployable solution to best prepare for the challenges of getting Back To Work in the safest manner possible, says a press release.

“Every company, organization and institution is looking for tools and solutions to make their employees, customers, visitors and other constituents as safe as possible, as the world returns to work, school and other normal aspects of life, even in the face of a global pandemic like COVID-19,” said Bo Pyskir, CEO of btwTAG, a former Motorola executive, who is also currently the CEO of Rhino Defense, Inc., a global leader in providing best-in-class radio frequency management solutions that protect personnel, facilities and proprietary data. “But in order for companies and organizations to create an environment where people feel safe in the workplace, they need effective tools that empower them to take quick action and make highly informed decisions. btwTAG is an immediately available, easily deployable solution that empowers any enterprise to provide a safer environment to its on-site personnel and be optimally prepared to react quickly and effectively to any COVID-19 related issues.”

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Contact tracing system to stop the spread of COVID-19
Image: btwTAG

Each TAG has an IoT-based contact tracing capability to generate actionable and confidential data, under the sole control of the enterprise, to trace interaction between on-site personnel, provide social distancing reminders and alerts, minimize contagion risk, and restore organizational peace of mind. Here’s how the btwTAG works:

  1. A wearable TAG is provided to all on-site personnel. The lightweight TAG is smaller than a standard ID badge, one centimeter thick and easily and comfortably fits in a standard pocket. Additional visitor or guest TAGs can also be provided to any individuals who come onsite.
  2. The TAG alerts the holder when social distancing protocols have been breached, allowing them to return to safe distances.
  3. Each TAG will record all contacts made with other TAGs and periodically download data to a confidential and proprietary database showing time stamps, impersonal identification codes, duration of contact, and location information.
  4. Authorized personnel can monitor the btwTAG dashboard to manage contact data and statistics in order to optimize workflows while prioritizing workplace safety.
  5. If a TAG holder tests positive for COVID-19, the enterprise will be able to immediately determine detailed contact histories and notify individuals with recorded contacts, while maintaining holistic operations and minimizing unnecessary potential disruptions.
  6. Privacy is paramount with btwTAG, which functions with anonymity using aliases and IDs, and does not need personal data to operate. TAGs can be configured to comply with all federal, state, and local orders for physical distancing.

“The btwTAG generates highly actionable, proprietary data, which in combination with the use of other protective protocols, policies and procedures, will allow early, rapid and precise actions to be taken. We believe the use of TAGs will make the workplace materially safer, demonstrating a proactive commitment by the Enterprise to its employees and the public,” said Walter McLallen, Chairman of btwTAG, who is also the co-Chairman of Tomahawk Strategic Solutions.

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