Radiant RFID Deploying Return-To-Work Strategies For Companies Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Radiant RFID return to work solutions
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Radiant RFID, an Austin-based technology solutions company, is deploying return-to-work strategies for companies in the automotive, aerospace, agricultural, CPG, entertainment, healthcare, manufacturing, oil and gas, and pharmaceutical industries. Radiant’s solution uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology and a smartwatch to detect and encourage proper social distancing through real-time notifications.

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Initially developed in response to COVID-19 and the need to restart factory assembly lines, Radiant’s solution is now available to help offices, businesses and organizations reduce interactions and maintain safety practices through automated social distancing notifications and contact tracing. On average, workplaces using Radiant’s solution see a 65% decrease in employee interactions within one week of implementation, says a press release.

Workers receive real-time notifications via vibrations and color-coded messages on company-issued wearables to notify them of proximity to coworkers. Employers can review workplace interaction history, and the resultant contact tracing can help avoid work stoppages and improve adherence to local, industry and CDC guidelines.

“We put our 15 years of experience in helping big businesses and state governments solve problems into action to develop, prototype and roll out automated contact tracing and social distancing technology,” said Kenneth Ratton, co-founder and CEO of Radiant. “Within a matter of weeks, we deployed a solution to help Americans returning to work in critical industries producing PPE and medical equipment for healthcare workers. Today, we have thousands of people using the solution in the workplace and are expanding our capabilities to support the nation’s return-to-work strategy.”

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How It Works

All data is aggregated anonymously using Radiant’s cloud-based system to ensure worker privacy. The technology is built on a framework of an existing Radiant solution, Virtual Asset Tracker, which Fortune 500 companies and public agencies rely on for large-scale daily asset tracing. Recently, the State of Michigan used Radiant’s asset tracking technology to help trace ventilators entering and leaving the state.

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Radiant’s software, platform and data analytics expertise are paired with a smartwatch optimized for battery life to support a typical workplace shift. Features available today from Radiant include:

  • Automated social distancing compliance notifications (individual worker) and reporting (enterprise)
  • Alerts detecting clustering
  • Anonymous device interaction history, allowing for contact tracing in the workplace

Benefits Of Using Radiant’s Solution

Radiant’s solution for workplace contact tracing and social distancing management is easy to adopt and requires little to no training. Customer benefits include:

  • An infrastructure-free solution minimizing cost of deployment
  • Cloud-based solution requiring little to no IT burden
  • Implementation within days
  • Minimally invasive encouragement of social distancing – just wear-and-work for employees
  • Decrease potential healthcare costs by early detection

“Our vision is to provide intelligent tracing and accountability solutions to help America thrive,” Ratton said.

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