SSIVIX Lab Rolls Out One-Stop MyCLNQ Digital Health App To Meet Healthcare Needs Digitally

SSIVIX Launches MyCLNQ Mobile App
Image: SSIVIX Lab

Singapore-based HealthTech startup SSIVIX Lab has launched its MyCLNQ mobile app, which provides several key benefits to enhance the quality of life for the community. The startup has currently 15,000 users for its MyCLNQ app and plans to expand regionally in the next two years.

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MyCLNQ serves as a one-stop-shop to take care of all your healthcare needs smartly and digitally. Thanks to the built-in smart AI feature, you can quickly view the least waiting time at various nearby clinics located in the neighborhood and take care of your medical needs. You can also set up a digital appointment and browse for the most appropriate and available doctor to seek medical attention from.

SSVIX’s immediate focus is mainly on patient care beyond hospitals and clinics through the use of AI, IoT, and blockchain technologies. It also plans to expand regionally in India and Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand in the coming two years, reports MobiHealthNews.

Telemedicine has allowed healthcare to be more accessible as doctors can now care for patients remotely without physical presence. You can set up a chat, video, or teleconsultation easily and consult with a doctor online in your preferred language. Especially for non-urgent cases, there is no longer a need for you to schedule an in-person visit with a doctor to receive treatment. With secure and stable video and audio connections, you can now reach doctors virtually, gain better access to care, and have your medicine delivered right to your doorstep, SSVIX Lab said on its website.

A mobile app

Using the built-in AI feature, you can search and filter through the results for the nearest available doctors in the neighborhood and book your appointment online. Since it’s based on location, you will be directed to the relevant clinics and doctors that are accessible and convenient by distance. The smart feature also allows you to have a bird’s eye view on the waiting times at nearby clinics and avoid the crowd for a quicker consultation.

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As the leading healthcare app in Singapore, MyCLNQ is changing the way you receive healthcare. The company is focused on the MedTech industry that leverages devices which people use daily, such as smartphones, to connect all healthcare needs in one online platform.

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