5 Unusual and Cool IoT Use Cases Around the World

Unusual Cool IoT Use Cases
Image: Furbo

The IoT or Internet of Things is changing the world around us. More and more people are using IoT to track their health while living in a smart home situated in a smart city. Smartphones and smartwatches have become norm. However, we’ve also seen some cool and unusual applications of the IoT. This is a list of 5 strangely useful IoT applications.

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Smart Dog Nanny

Furbo is an IoT device that acts as a nanny for your dog. It lets you interact with your pup remotely. Sensors listen for dog barks and trigger alerts in real-time if it thinks there may be trouble, reports aeris. There’s an HD camera fitted on the device, which owners to see what their dog is doing and speak with them regardless of location. Now, the most exciting part is that Furbo can hold up to 100 treats and will launch one on command for real-time, good boy feedback.

Not Talking Trash But Trash that Talks

The city of Allentown in Pennsylvania has come up with a unique solution to trash collection. The city has connected its trash cans to the Verizon network and relay information back to the city trash collectors. Sensor embedded dumpsters send alerts when there is too much trash and to update the collectors how frequently each one is filled or left empty. This helps not only to stop the dumpsters from overflowing and becoming a health risk but is also invaluable to planning collection routes and focusing on areas that are used more often first. This also helps move dumpsters to spread trash evenly throughout the city.

Bed bug catcher
Image: Valpas Hotels

Bed Bug Catcher

Finnish startup Valpas has developed an IoT system that is bioengineered to respond to the natural behavior of bed bugs. Once the bug is dead, Valpas discreetly notifies hotel management of the incident through its IoT platform. The system keeps guests and the hotel safe from bed bugs by killing them before they can spread throughout the hotel. The system is designed to work around the clock to exterminate bed bugs before they become a nuisance.

Nymi Wristband

Contactless payment systems are becoming popular by the day. Most of these systems require you to swipe your smartphone or the smartwatch in front of the terminal. But a smart wristband, developed by Nymi, listens to your heartbeat to verify your identity. As long as you have the band worn around your wrist, the authentication is active and it is automatically deactivated when the band is removed from your wrist.

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UPS is leveraging the power of IoT to improve its efficiency, save money, and reduce the impact on the environment. The company has embedded sensors on its delivery trucks to monitor their mileage, speed, stops, and overall engine health. UPS uses the data of more than 200 data points for each vehicle to reduce idling time and fuel consumption.

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