VivoSense Awarded the NIH/NCI Grant To Develop Platform For Cancer Research and Clinical Care

VivoSense NIH NCI grant
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VivoSense, a data analysis and consulting and software company, has been awarded an NIH/NCI Phase 1 contract to develop software enabling data integration from wearable sensors for cancer patients. The contract will result in the development of the VivoSense Cancer Health Informatics Platform as the leading wearable sensor agnostic cloud platform for cancer research and clinical care.

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“Wearable sensors and digital biomarkers have the potential to revolutionize cancer research and care. Our ten years of wearable sensor analytics experience ideally positions VivoSense to deliver on this award with an innovative cancer-specific analytics platform,” stated Kate Lyden, PhD, Principal Investigator and VivoSense’ VP of Science and Research.

Wearables Provide New Insight into Cancer Research & Treatment

Although cancer remains one of the most devastating diseases, the past decade has brought enormous progress, particularly in the field of immunotherapy. However, breakthrough cancer therapeutics do not benefit all patients equally. Wearables have created an opportunity to gain more insight into the factors contributing to this outcome. The unprecedented amount of patient-specific, real-world data from wearable sensors opens the door to rethink how clinical trials can advance personalized treatment strategies, says a press release.

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Patient monitoring and the precise delivery of cancer care improves outcomes and the management of symptoms and side-effects. With robust wearable sensor solutions, care providers will have the ability to passively and continuously monitor multiple behavioral and biological parameters that can be used to adjust and optimize treatment strategies throughout care. As patients with cancer live longer, it is vitally important to understand and develop treatment regimens that maintain patient quality of life.

A Scalable Data Analysis Platform is Fundamental

The opportunity to translate real-world data into actionable information that advances earlier diagnosis and precise treatment options in cancer patients is a huge step forward for cancer research. With this award, we will engage key opinion leaders at every step and build an end-to-end data informatics platform explicitly designed for cancer research and care communities.

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VivoSense is a data analysis consulting and software company specializing in wearable sensor physiological monitoring solutions for research and clinical trials. They provide a proven and repeatable approach to clinical research data collection and analysis.

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