Hapbee Launches Subscription-Based Wellbeing Wearable Band

Hapbee launches wellbeing wearable

After an incredibly successful Indiegogo campaign earlier this year, Hapbee Technologies announced the e-commerce launch of its consumer wellness product the Hapbee wearable band.

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Hapbee’s proactive wearable lets you choose how you feel using proprietary ultra-low frequency technology backed by 15 years of research and development with partner EMulate Therapeutics. The Hapbee band delivers signals to the body that the brain recognizes – without depending on substance ingestion.

Members wear Hapbee (pronounced: Happy) around their head or neck, sync it with the supported app (IOS and Android accessible) and hit play for the desired sensation (signal) of their choice, says a press release.

Hapbee currently offers six unique signals, including:

  • Alert – Like a cup of coffee in the morning, get an energy boost to your day
  • Happy – Instead of pouring a drink, get your buzz on, feel loose and let go
  • Calm – Manage stress and find that perfect Zen mode
  • Relax – Take it easy, settle back, and let the tension ease away
  • Focus – Keeps you tuned in while accomplishing your goals and “to-do’s”
  • Sleepy – An alternative way to put your mind to rest and wind down after the day
Two men wearing smart headbands
Hapbee Technologies

The Company implemented blinded studies with closed-beta testers (individuals who experienced 3 or more plays of each signal for 30 minutes or more) with a 100 percent identification success rate between Hapbee signals and a no-signal sham. Studies also showed new users could feel Hapbee’s signals 75 percent of the time, while onboarded users felt them 100 percent of the time, the learning curve to recognizing sensations.

“The feedback from our early adopters and supporters demonstrated the extensive need for this technology in the consumer marketplace,” states Hapbee CEO Scott Donnell. “Our ultimate goal is to create more awareness around the importance of mental fitness for everyone. We are thrilled that we can now share the Hapbee experience with more people and lead the way in this revolutionary wearable wellness space.”

Hapbee is available for purchase at hapbee.com. The Company is currently in the research and development phases of creating future signals and plans to roll these out in 2021.

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Hapbee Technologies is a wellness technology company specializing in ultra-low frequencies with proprietary patented technology that records small magnetic fields from solvent substances. The wearable Hapbee band delivers safe, comfortable, sensation ‘signals’ to the body at the click of a button, enabling you to ‘choose how you feel’. At its initial launch, Hapbee provides the signals: Alert, Calm, Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy or Focused.

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