Vodafone Launches Kids’ Smartwatch and Augmented Reality Glasses

Vodafone Neo smartwatch Nreal AR glass
(Image: Vodafone)

Vodafone and Disney have announced the Neo, a smartwatch for kids that gives them independence as they take their first steps into the digital world, but which also helps parents stay connected.

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Kids can personalize their Neo by choosing a theme based on ‘sidekicks’ – familiar characters such as Minnie Mouse, Elsa, Buzz Lightyear and Darth Vader. They can switch themes whenever they like and additional characters will be added over time. They can also take photos using the forward-facing camera.

Parents can use the Neo to stay connected with their children through calls, chat and video messages. Using the Vodafone Smart App, parents can manage screen time through Quiet Mode, view the Neo’s location, and approve a list of trusted contact, reports Vodafone.

The Neo costs £99 upfront with a £7 a month subscription on a 24-month plan, or a £12 a month subscription on a 12-month plan.

In a separate press release, Vodafone also announced plans to sell mixed reality glasses, made by device maker Nreal, to 5G customers in Spain in Germany next spring. Other markets are due to follow suit throughout 2021.

Smart glasses
Image: Vodafone

Nreal Light are cutting-edge, lightweight and comfortable mixed reality glasses that sport an industry-leading widescreen, equivalent to viewing a portable IMAX screen.  Nreal Light glasses are designed to be worn daily.  Via a wired USB-C connection, they tap into the power of a modern Android phone, which aids in the processing and running control functions.

“Nreal Light is a breakthrough product and we are excited to announce that Vodafone is bringing Nreal’s cutting-edge glasses to Europe.  Nreal Light combined with Vodafone’s high speed, ultra-low latency Gigabit 5G network will give consumers and businesses an affordable, accessible way of experiencing the latest augmented and mixed reality experiences and brings the future a little closer for everyone,” said Phil Patel, Vodafone Group Director Products & Services.

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Nreal Light is compatible with most existing Android smartphone applications, bringing an AR experience to many familiar apps. When connected via a compatible Android handset, users can use Nreal Light glasses to browse the web or shop, watch video, TV and sport, enjoy AAA gaming experiences or catch up on social media – all in augmented reality on a large ‘virtual’ screen, while multitasking up to three applications simultaneously.

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