Mind Cure Releases iSTRYM: A Digital Platform for Mental Health and Psychedelic Research

Mind Cure iSTRYM
CNW Group/Mind Cure Health Inc.

Canadian mental health firm Mind Cure has released a digital therapeutic tool designed to close the gaps between patients, clinicians and researchers. The app, called iSTRYM, has been designed to warehouse the largest collection of psychedelic research and ongoing mental optimization data. With machine learning deployed, iSTRYM will provide greater speed to Mind Cure’s research team, richer data to health professionals and clients, as well as a hub of protocol and procedural information for psychedelic practitioners worldwide.

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“As a life sciences and digital therapeutics company, providing speed to market with novel psychedelic therapies through deeper data analytics is a strength we are developing with iSTRYM,” says Kelsey Ramsden, President & CEO. “Further, as we build out our database for mental wellness, both therapists and individuals will get mental wellness protocols for wellness optimization and support. iSTRYM exists to become the source that individuals turn to for science-backed, personalized mental health support at scale.”

Gaps between clients, researchers, and therapists create disparities in the collection of critical insights that arise outside of psychedelic-assisted therapy sessions, and ultimately prevent new scientific breakthroughs. Mind Cure’s iSTRYM provides a digital solution to the loss of crucial, uncategorized data points by connecting patient feedback and clinician expertise together in one place. Additionally, most psychedelic therapy research exists in cloistered scientific communities, which limits the possible intersection of great clinical practice and new protocols. iSTRYM brings together a large database of existing protocols to all psychedelic clinicians, enhancing the scientific efficacy for the entire psychedelic research community, Mind Cure said in a press release.

A smartphone displaying app
Mind Cure iSTRYM (CNW Group/Mind Cure Health Inc.)

“We’re developing the kind of global administration portal that could become the solution the industry needs. One of the key differentiators in our proprietary tech piece is the implementation of artificial intelligence, working in the background, to taxonify the uncategorized daily inputs from patients into tangible assets that will then inform treatments. From onboarding patients to collecting critical insights across different arms of the psychedelics research space, iSTRYM could revolutionize the way we build communities around a common goal of mental wellness,” said Mind Cure CTO Geoff Belair.

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iSTRYM is a centralized management system for psychedelic therapeutic research, the deployment of care and integration based on a microservices design model, and is built with responsive principals. iSTRYM contains strategic data loops that continually aggregate new insights, and an application that equips patients as active participants in their own mental wellness journey.

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