Polar launches Verity Sense, a HR Strap that works without a Connected Device

Polar Verity Sense

Polar has announced a new optical heart rate sensor, called the Verity Sense. It follows on from the existing Polar OH1, and adding new features and capabilities. The ultralight (17g) and compact sensor is the perfect alternative to any chest strap and wrist devices. However, the real advantage of this strap is its ability to be worn in numerous places. You can wear it on your arm and even wrap the device around your leg. According to Polar, the sensor can be clipped to swim goggles as well.

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Verity Sense uses the same 6 LED optical heart tracking as the previous OH1. You can also wear it on your clothing. To do that, simply detach the sensor from its armband and holder and wear it anywhere under tight-fitting clothing. Just make sure the optical heart-rate sensor sits nice and tight against your skin. So, whatever your sport, Polar Verity Sense adapts 100%.

When you connect your Polar Verity Sense to your phone or watch for your workout, you’ll know moment by moment where you are with your session and you can adjust intensity should that be necessary.

A wearable band

The internal memory on Polar Verity Sense saves your workout when you want to be free as a bird and just listen to what your body is telling you.

Here are some of the upgrades from its previous version:

  • Increased signal ranges from 75 meters to 150 meters
  • Increased battery life from 8 hours to 20 hours
  • Increased storage from 4MB to 16MB
  • Increased water resistance from 30m to 50m
  • Added dedicated swim mode, which captures swim metrics
  • Changed band design to make it difficult to flip over

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All those updates come at a price hike of $10. The new Polar Verity Sense heart rate monitor sells for $90, including the sensor, gray armband strap, swim goggle clip, proprietary USB charger, and a mesh storage bag.

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