The Next Apple Watch May Have A Totally Redesigned Wrap-Around Display

Apple Watch Patent New Display Design
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The Apple Watch is one of the most popular wearables in the world. Its functionality makes it an absolute must-have for iPhone users too. The classic square display design is also unmistakable. But now a patent has been published which presents the Apple Watch in a completely new guise. As MacRumors recently reported, the well-known square display is being completely turned inside out.

According to Apple’s patent filing, the future Apple Watches should therefore be round, more precisely oval-flexible. The screen should be completely borderless. In addition, the transition between display and bracelet should run smoothly. Such a design could possibly be introduced this year or next at the earliest.

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The elongated display itself is said to be flexible enough to contour to the shape of a user’s arm to fit like a normal watch band.

Apple’s filing explains that an OLED display may be sensitive to air and moisture degradation without a protective rigid glass cover, as well be “problematic” with the use of “interconnects,” but MacRumors believe, some OLED display technologies may still be appropriate for the radical new design.

MacRumors posted the possible design on Twitter:

“In one application, embodiments of the invention describe a wearable electronic device, such as a smartwatch, including a flexible display panel and flexible display module. In this manner, the display area of the smartwatch is not limited to a rigid watch face area. In an embodiment, a smartwatch includes a flexible display panel that is integrated into a flexible watch band. Accordingly, curvature of the flexible display panel in both the watch face area and band may be adjusted to conform to the wrist size of the user… the display area of the flexible display panel can cover more available space on the watch face area and band of the smartwatch.”

It’s worth noting that the patent that has been made public is no guarantee that it will really turn out that way. At Apple, it is common for patents to be applied for and not implemented in the end.

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Apple could cover an area of ​​the market that was previously left to other providers. This would allow the group to further expand its dominance in the wearables market, where it is already far ahead of all other providers with a 40 percent market share.

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