TCL Readies Its Wearable Display, Will Be Available Later This Year

TCL Readies Its Wearable Display

TCL’s wearable display prototype that’s been in the works for years, is now close to reaching the market. After having shown off its Project Archery concept several times at various tradeshows over the past few years, TCL is finally ready to bring its heads-up display to the general public.

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The Wearable Display will be available commercially later this year, though the company hasn’t yet disclosed information about the price and launch information.

The first commercially available follow-up to Project Archery, the TCL Wearable Display is a light and stylish pair of glasses that come with dual 1080p Full HD micro OLED displays built-in. From virtually anywhere, users can enjoy a 140-degree inch view from 4 meters away, and with a density of 49 pixels-per-degree (PPD), visuals are sharp and incredibly vivid.

The Wearable Display is capable of connecting to hundreds of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and 2-in-1 PCs from most manufacturers whose devices have a display port over USB-C that can support 1080p resolution. Once connected, the device enables you to watch movies, play games, and more from at home, on the road, or anywhere else, enjoying a truly immersive experience.

A pair of smartglasses

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Australian first look at the TCL Wearable Display

EFTM’s Trevor Long tried out the glasses as an Australian first look at the TCL Wearable Display. He describes the glasses as:

“When you put them on, what you see is like a desktop computer. Icons for your apps on a screen. Similar to how a Samsung phone looks when you enable Dex and plug into a desktop monitor.

Your Smartphone screen then becomes a touchpad to move the mouse or pointer around on the screen. Tap to click.

Launch Netflix, and you can scroll with two fingers, move the pointer with one and tap to play.

When you play, you get a full view of the show. Sound comes out the ear-stalks similar to how the Bose Frames work, but the stalks aren’t as chunky as Bose.”

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