greenTEG AG announces launch of CALERA® brand: Core Body temperature tech-nology ready for OEM integration

Core Body Temperature (CBT) is a vital metric of our body and thus a critical parameter for health tracking, remote patient monitoring and sporting performance enhancement. Although various invasive thermometer alternatives exist to measure CBT, greenTEG is the first company that has developed a continuous, highly accurate and non-invasive CBT monitoring solution based on heat flux sensing technology, allowing it to compensate for thermal influences from the external environment.
The functionality and accuracy of greenTEG’s CBT sensor have been proven in multiple studies and by the popularity of greenTEG`s first B2C product, the CORE sensor, which is built around this technology.
After the success of the CORE sensor, greenTEG decided to newly brand their technology as CALERA® and also to make it more easily available for OEM customers as they intend to inte-grate it into their own products.
Under the new brand CALERA®, greenTEG is branding the combination of I) its miniature pro-prietary thermal energy transfer sensing element (gSKIN®), II) a skin temperature sensor and III) an AI-based algorithm to enable real-time, continuous, and non-invasive CBT monitoring. Overall, this enables a much easier, compact and energy-efficient integration into consumer and medical wearable devices. Indeed, with minimal footprint, power and memory consump-tion, the CALERA® solution can be integrated into any wearable device and applied to numer-ous positions on the body.
In this regard, greenTEG is proud to also announce its collaboration with Myant Inc., a global pioneer and leader in textile computing, that integrated CALERA® into their Skiin smart textile monitoring system.
Lukas Durrer, CTO & Co-Founder, says: “CALERA® is key for us to easily start collaborating with OEMs and to partner for integrating our technology. In the long run CALERA® will be the outstanding branding that will guide consumers to trustworthy wearables which offer non-in-vasive core body temperature monitoring.”

CALERA® Development Kit launch during Medica trade fair

CALERA® is ready to integrate into any wearable product: the integration into customer wear-able devices is facilitated through a dedicated Development Kit offer, designed specifically for the rapid development and prototyping of a CBT monitor. It explains the procedure for electri-cal and thermo-mechanical integration, and includes all the necessary components to build an own first prototype. Since every de-vice is specific and every use case has its own requirements, greenTEG offers two available versions, one for wrist-worn devices and one for de-vices worn on the chest. These are to be viewed as tentative approaches to yield the most timely and efficient results, not as definite plans; green-TEG will aid in the detail-defining process during the consulting hours offered in the package. By using the provided integration package, a cus-tomer has full cost-control and a fast and efficient way to build their cus-tomized minimum viable product (MVP).

New use cases for wearables

This approach, of combining a heat-flux sensor, skin temperature sensor and algorithm results in a robust CBT signal; this method was tested through various case studies to ensure the de-signed solution successfully supports real-world applications. Real life applications range from monitoring the Circadian cycle, Ovulation detection, Patient monitoring of fever symptoms to last but not least, sports applications (i.e. heat adaptation).
Furthermore, CALERA® is currently tested through CORE at several hospitals. At the Univer-sity hospital in Basel, CORE measurements are compared to the ones collected via standard ear thermometers at the Covid station and, at the University hospital of Trieste, the same compar-ison is conducted on stroke patients. First results of both studies are showing that CORE pro-vides a similar (in certain cases better) accuracy than tympanic thermometers commonly used in hospitals.

About greenTEG


Founded in 2009 as a spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), greenTEG develops, manufactures, and markets thermal sensors and provides consulting on the thermal integration of its products. Its team consists of 30+ specialists in various engineering disciplines, with all sensors fully developed and manufactured in Zurich, Switzerland.

Today, greenTEG supplies original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and corporate/university labs around the world with its unique products.
For any press, sales, marketing information: [email protected], +41 445150915


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