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DowDuPont Soft skin adhesive

DowDuPont Launches New Soft Skin Adhesive for Wearable Medical Devices at MD&M West 2019

DowDuPont Specialty Products Division is introducing a new soft skin adhesive called DOW CORNING™ MG 7-1020, which is especially designed for today’s wearable medical...
Smart bandages heal wounds

This Smart Bandage Can Monitor Wounds and Deliver Drugs As Needed

After a doctor bandages the wound of a patient, the only way they can monitor the health of the wound is when time comes...
Pressure-sensitive fiber

MIT Engineers Create Pressure-Responsive Smart Fibers That Change Color to Show Bandage Pressure

MIT engineers have created stretchable photonic fibers that change color in reaction to pressure. The researchers believe this invention could lead to production of...