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Wearables for elderly

Wearables to Help the Elderly Stay Healthy and Safe at Home or Outside

When we think of wearables, we envision fitness trackers and smartwatches which are obviously targeted for young people. However, many of us don’t realize...
VR optics

VR optics could help the elderly keep their world in focus

Presbyopia is the natural loss of near focusing ability of the eye that occurs with age. Aging of the eye results in progressively worsening...
Fallcall pers app

FallCall Launches Personal Emergency Response System App for Apple Watch and iPhone

FallCall Solutions, a West Hartford, Connecticut-based tech startup committed to simplifying communication for elders and caregivers on popular mobile and wearable ecosystems, announced that...
DFree tracks bladder control

DFree, Connected Wearable Device, Tells You the Right Time to Go to the Bathroom

Japanese company Triple W who developed DFree, the world’s first connected wearable device to track bladder movement, announced it is now taking pre-orders for...
Tech companies older women

Why Tech Companies Should Hire Older Women

As the U.S. population gets older, sicker and richer, technology giants like Apple, Amazon and Alphabet are creating devices perfectly suited to help aging...