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LG wearable robot

LG’s New Exoskeleton or ‘Wearable Robot’ Promises to Give Users Superhuman Strength

Electronics giant LG has developed a wearable robot that supports and enhances a user’s legs by adding lower limb strength and increase mobility. LG...
Superflex now seismic

Superflex Becomes Seismic, Acquires Intellectual Property of Lumo Bodytech

Superflex, a company that makes powered clothing, has rebranded as Seismic and acquired the intellectual property of Lumo Bodytech, a motion science company known...
Smart prosthetic ankle

Smart Prosthetic Ankle Adjusts to Uneven Ground, Stairs

While prosthetic limbs are getting better and more personalized, they are still a far cry from the real thing. The Vanderbilt University lab of...
ReWalk Va exoskeletons

ReWalk Robotics Says Updated U.S. VA Policy Expanded Access to its Exoskeleton

ReWalk Robotics, Ltd. announced that the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) has updated its policy on using exoskeleton medical device for training and...
Industrial exoskeletons

Industrial Exoskeletons Are Here With More to Follow

Powered exoskeletons are wearable mechanical devices that are powered by a system of electric motors, levers, pneumatics, hydraulics, or a combination of technologies that...
Machine learning improving exosuit performance

Using Machine Learning Algorithm to Personalize Wearables

Assistive devices like exosuits are being manufactured by various developers including the Harvard Biodesign Lab. In order to make these soft, assistive devices work...